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I made a puzzle game in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can play it right now!


The Game of Quille is a puzzle game that uses lamps and furniture from ACNL on an 8x8 grid. The goal of the game is to move from one item to another, alternating between RED and GREEN items of furniture, to reach the bowling pins at the end of the maze.

But that's not all - there are extra challenges, like turning on ALL the lights in the room (harder than it sounds, since lights also follow the Red/Green rule), or using a particular piece of furniture only ONCE. Achieving these challenges in the smallest number of moves possible is how you beat Quille.

Thanks to the "Dream Suite" feature in ACNL, anyone can play Quille simply by going to Dream Address 7800-2606-8331 and entering the Mayor's house. 

If you're interested in trying it out, I recommend taking a few minutes to read the Basic Rules and Game Types. If you can finish the room on the hardest mode, in the minimum amount of moves, you will be added to the Hall of Fame!

There will be a new puzzle every week - if you Follow the official blog you'll know straight away when the game has been updated with a new puzzle.

So, come and play! There are also tools to help you make your own Quille room if you're so inclined.

- - - -
My goal with this project is to use the gameplay and online mechanics of ACNL to create my own "homebrew DLC". I'm also hoping to create a new way for people to enjoy the game, by creating and sharing their own puzzles.  
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