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Whatever Happened To Standards?

I find myself becoming increasingly irritated these days by the plethora of gaming magazines that spawn reviews. It's not on a standard scale of what these games bring to the table, but more what the editor thought of the game. I'm sure s...


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Khelric is an established gamer and long time complainer based out of Boca Raton, Florida. The former is attributed to having too much time on his hands, while the latter more than likely can be linked to him being of Jewish heritage (big surprise). His days include long hours of laying around scratching himself and his nights are filled with yelling (occasionally in Yiddish) at his monitor or television while playing games. He prefers classic consoles and PC gaming to modern consoles. This blog was formed to vent frustrations involving popular game franchises and systems. It is this author's hope that others will be able to commiserate.