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Gender and Sexuality in Mass Effect

Mass Effect was a fantastic game from Bioware, burdened by its representation of sexuality and gender on the part of supporting characters. Expanding on this Escapist article by Ray Huling, http://tinyurl.com/ygueqt6, this post will take a ...


Nothing Is Sacred: Genres and "RPG"

Weíve got a bullet to bite here folks, and itís not a pretty one. Itís the big elephant in the room, and itís only going to hurt us if we donít look at it. Weíve been seeing a great deal of ďNothing Is SacredĒ posts on RPGs, demonizing th...


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Hello, I'm Khazar.

I'm a senior in college, with a major in English and a minor in Biology. I've been playing games since about age five from all across the spectrum of genres.

I am fascinated by the way games tell their stories, so much of this blog is devoted to looking at the design, writing, and style of video games.

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