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Gaming All nighters

So im here today to talk about gaming all nighters. In light of smash brothers I would like to
hear your gaming story's or games that kept you up all night. My first gaming all nighter was
most likely Street Fighter II back when i was little when it first came out. I think the first time i
really got in to it was the N64 days with with mario kart, star fox 64, diddy kong racing and
the grand daddy of all OOT. The games that started it last gen were halo and smash bros. for
Cube. This Gen it was with Call Duty 2 and halo 3 smash brothers and TP. Smash brothers
brawl is added to this list maybe since it came out i have logged 40 hours or so since i have a
day job. Plus now being 21 that adds more fun to the mix. Have you ever lost a job or did
badly on a test because of a game? So tell me your story's and your games that kept you up
all night. Also i had my first gaming all nighter with my dad and GHIII.
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