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Videogames cause murder (on Law & Order SVU tonight)

Video Preview

Sorry, I won't be watching this, these shows talk too much about rape and child molestation for my taste.

This episode seems to be based around people who met over a "second life" kind of game. Murder, statutory rape, and kidnapping apparently ensue, probably not in that order.

I'm just curious if the game plays the role of myspace in a "to catch a predator" story, or if "it's all the game's fault, it made me kill all those people"

I'm sure Jack Thompson will be watching, and tomorrow he'll come out with an announcement that he's going to get the game used in the show banned from sale, (even though it's a fictional game for legal purposes... but he won't figure that out) maybe if we're lucky he'll get them to quit making CSI games while he's at it.

Again, I won't be watching, but if someone else does, let us know if they treat our hobby with the respecti it deserves.
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