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NEW Resident Evil Racism claims.

Haven't seen this posted yet.
There is so many problems with this article I barely know where to begin.

Firstly, it is so ADD, I can't keep up, it starts out as a review of the Resident Evil movie, but quickly decides to start bashing the videogames on their racist content.

Of course GTA gets dragged in there, and despite making up facts about you being part of a police raid on Hatians, and your character spouting racial hatred (he didn't even talk, did he?) that's not all...

For other videogame racism, their examples are Kung Fu, WoW, and Shadow Warrior.
OK, Shadow Warrior, yeah, but that's a joke, so, lets go with WOW, the only one from the last decade, they base their racist claims on the fact that there is more white humans than other races of humans in the game.... those damn developers for making the players choose to be that way.

and my favorite part "Resident Evil 4, which places players in the position of fighting parasitically controlled Spaniards (called "Los Ganados" or "the cattle") with stereotypical Mexican accents." So, Spaniards sound like Mexicans, that's not racist or ignorant at all... why, thats like saying British people sound American. (i guess it'd be more accurate to say people in France all sound like they are from Quebec, but you get the point)

Then the article falls into a pit of praise (advertisment?) for illegal immigrant simulator ICED! I Can End Deportation which will somehow make us gamers stop being a bunch of racist bastards... as we journey into America illegally, avoiding the evil immigration police. When you do get arrested, your sentance is chosen at random.

So, basically, the author of this article hasn't played ANY of the games in their article, nor probably seen the movie they were supposed to be reviewing... they are just being another Jack Thompson, trying to make a name for themselves by being as dishonest and unprofessional as possible in their chosen field.

Feel free to leave a comment on their site (although, I can't recommend reading any of it. It all seems to be fairly heavy on the propaganda)

Stupid article
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