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Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl

I saw Atlus competition to write a blog of review of Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl. Since I have a 3Ds, I downloaded the demo on eShop and started playing. Reading the title makes me think that this is a wonderful game already, I got excited when I saw the graphic is wonderful and epic, and drawn in anime style, the girls are Kawaii and I love them, the RPG-gaming genre makes it even more wonderful, they said RPG never dies, and when you combine RPG with Anime-style graphic, the trie game will born. I feel the same with this game. I also play Etrian Odyssey IV Legends of Titan and it is also fantastic, because you can't underestimate it's RPG-based gameplay. After tested the Millenium Girl's demo, I feel that Atlus will give one more success on the game when it will release on 1st of October.

The new game mode, Story mode will become the game's primacy. Because it's new to the entries. I believe that, with the current primacy, this game's sale will rocket up among the fans who wanted to taste the game's new mode, Story Mode. So far I play the demo version, I got excited and addicted with the game play, although it's only a demo version. I couldn't wait anymore until the game reached my country.

Here's all the excellence and the primacy of the game:
1). Story Mode, this mode is new in the entries, and will become this game's main power.
2). RPG-based gameplay, for all Gamers, RPG is simple but addicting and challenging. It's a       right choice to choose this genre
3). Anime-style graphic, with the epic Anime-style graphic, the RPG-based gameplay become more lively and awesome. Anime and RPG are the best partner.

With all this primacy, this game is really worth buying, the Japanese Version was sold in many copies in the first week after the game released, it's 90,297. Fantastic!!!!!!!!! I believe the US version will score more selling record. 

With the enthusiastic of the Etrian Odyssey's fans and all RPG fans, and all the primacy, this game will be really eye-catchy, worth-buying, one of the best RPG on 3DS or maybe the best one in 3DS LOL. Playing the demo itself isn't enough, buy the full version via game card and feel the Fantastic gameplay that will make your eyes wide open with the amazed look on your face and an incredible feeling in your heart.
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