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Does anyone here want a steam key for Frog Detective? It’s super short but wholesome and good.


I spent Halloween getting wasted with friends, and this is the aftermath...


If you’re looking for something a bit different to watch for Halloween, The Battery is really solid. Dudeman starred in, wrote, directed, and filmed the whole thing himself for around $10,000. It has some flaws, but the payoff is 100% worth it.


This whole record is really neat. Probably the closest thing to a proper successor to the R&B throne since D’Angelo.


The Carrion demo that released today is really rad, and y’all should check it out.


“One For All 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash” is a perfectly normal, and not at all obtuse, name for a special move, and I love it.


The Clean is one of my favorite bands of all time. Buncha dorks from New Zealand making goofy indie rock. They’re rough around the edges, poppy tunes with a DIY punk attitude, but it hits hard for me. Rings “true.”


My band just recorded a song with the lyrics: “There’s a dildo in the park, I don’t know why. (x2) It’s just lying in the grass. Might’ve been in someone’s ass. There’s a dildo in the park, I don’t know why.”


I just finished a blog about NieR: Automata that I’ve been intending to write for about a year now. It goes live at 10am EST tomorrow.


WHAT THE GOLF? is amazing, and all of y’all should fucking play it.


Y’all probably don’t realize it, but Eric Weichhart is the fucking man, and he’s been helping behind the scenes here for a long time as a member of staff. Master of goofy photoshops and brightening days. He’s really good people.


It looks like we’ll be working on a new version of the cblog editor in the near future. I’ve been charged with reaching out and seeing if y’all have any suggestions for possible features or fixes you’d like to see. Lay ‘em on me, folks!


The best part about Link’s Awakening is that the entire game is on the cartridge. No day one update or any of that BS. No waiting for an install either. You just snap the game in, and you’re playing. I fucking love that.


I just started watching My Hero Academia for the first time. I’m only five episodes deep, but this dude is 100% my favorite so far!


Y'all might not have noticed, but the sidebar is finally fixed! Thank Sam! He's part of the tech team, and he's da man! (You can now click on cblogs via the sidebar and images load properly! Baby steps!) If anything else is acting funky, hit me up here!


I just finished The Final Test of the tutorial in Hitman: The Complete First Season, and it was dope as fuck, but now I have to wait 20 minutes for the rest of the game to download... with a physical copy of the game.... The future is now.....


Shoutout to Bong264, PatBateman17, and LaTerry for always being super rad! (The rest of y’all are chumps tho...)


Just bought Deadly Premonition Origins! It’s downloading right now! I’m going back to Greenvale, baby!


I’m drinking beer and replaying Viewtiful Joe for the first time in about ten years!


I’m on episode 16 of the rerelease of Evangelion, and it’s still just ridiculously potent. There are so many stories hinted at during the smaller moments that make the world feel lived in. Also, the theme song is still a total banger. Also, Pen pen.


If you’d told me 19 years ago (when I was in elementary school and Marilyn Manson was my God) that Holy Wood would still be one of my favorite albums when I was 31, I’d have said “duh.” Don’t know why, but this song is still my favorite of his.


Three Houses is my first experience with the Fire Emblem series, but it’s pretty dope so far.


This song makes me really unreasonably sappy and happy. The whole album really. It’s one of my favorites from the past decade. Does a great job of aping that “classic rock” vibe while turning it into something very much its own and “new.”




I watched the first two episodes of The Boys, and they were surprisingly dope.


I love all of you, and I’m going to post something dumb, which I feel like I should have said a long time ago, in the comments... #OverSharing


My friend sold his Switch (which is lame because now we can’t play games), but he also just gave me his Nintendo account to put on my console, so now I have Octopath, NSMBU Deluxe, The Messenger, Onimusha, and a bunch of other games!!!


If you’re still getting the “nah email us” message, you aren’t in trouble. It’s just a goofy error that the tech team is actively looking into. Hopefully, it’ll be solved pretty soon.


Stranger Things Season 3 was fantastic, but these three were easily the best part. I love how they’ve changed Steve from a total D-Bag in the first season to the most likable member of the cast.


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