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Stranger Things Season 3 was fantastic, but these three were easily the best part. I love how they’ve changed Steve from a total D-Bag in the first season to the most likable member of the cast.


I’m at a 4th of July party in the bathroom, and this is the most metal toilet paper holder I have ever seen.


Detroit: Become Human is basically just a visual novel for people who don’t want to admit they might secretly be weebs.


This is the sort of shit that consistently sticks to my brain.


Does anyone here want a PS4 code (NA) for Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram? It’s nowhere near as good as the main game, but it’s still pretty cool for fans of the series.


I finished up Far Cry V a few days ago, and it got me hooked hard enough to pick up New Dawn too. So far, I’m digging it. The twins seem pretty fucking badass, and I’m down to see how this all plays out. I’m going to miss The Widowmaker tho...


RIP, Roky Erickson. I’ve always loved his solo stuff and work with The 13th Floor Elevators, but this live album is easily my absolute favorite. It’s him at his best, and that’s the way I remember him most. The world sucks a little more without him.


Monthly reminder that this is easily my favorite rap album of the last decade. It’s just super dumb fun and well written. Hundreds of listens later, and it still only gets better each time. Also, it's a mixtape, so it’s free. No excuses.


After 31 years of research, I can attest that this is (in my not-so-humble opinion...) likely the most badass/straight up “G” song ever recorded.


I love listening to modern music redone in the chiptune style. There is something so great about how the underlying music shines through despite the massive change in style. This is still very much the Halo Theme I know and love.


I’ve been playing Far Cry V for the first time the past few days, and it’s surprisingly dope. With every other game in the series, I always fizzle out and quit about 3-5 hours in, but this one is really doing it for me. Also, there is a testical festi


I just got accepted into my college of choice! And I have tomorrow off from work! Life is good! I’m going to drink now!


BREAKING NEWS: I just realized that my left foot is about 1/2” longer than my right foot!


Bass says “ will break the QPs into two comments sections so I’m testing it out.


Submitted one of them there fancy college application things tonight, after spending the past week working on my dang essay, and now I’m rewarding myself with beer and The Gories!


I’ve been rewatching Venture Bros. Season 7 over the past few days. At release, I was a little lukewarm on it after the series high of Season 6, but holy shit, does it ever lend itself to repeated viewings. It’s legitimately fantastic.


I was digging through my comics collection and remembered that I have three copies of Seven to Eternity #1 (first print and never read). Fantastic series if you haven’t taken the dive yet! Highly recommended!


Apex Legends is my GOTY as of right now. I don’t usually get down with multiplayer games, my fetish is artsy fartsy indie games, I’ve never previously enjoyed a F2P title, and I was innitially a bit upset that it wasn’t Titanfall 3. It’s weird.


Just want to say thanks to everyone for all the donations and support over the past few days! Y’all managed to raise over 3,000 fucking dollars for Mike! That. Is. Insane.


If anyone wants a key for the starter edition of FFXIV on Windows, hit me up in the comments.


Greg Cartwright is one of my favorite songwriters of all time. He was in Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, Reigning Sound, and helped foster a hugely influential music scene in Memphis. Here’s a fun song with a small story in the comments.


I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite image on The Citadel.


I went to a hipster bowling alley with leather couches and craft beer. It was pretty damn rad.


Just wanted to remind everyone that this gif exists and Angie22 is a total badass.


I don’t get down with most of his newer stuff, but Acid Rap is a legit “classic.” This shit gets me going.


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