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I Don't Want to Rant

My last blog was written in September of 2014. It is now July 14, 2015. I never wanted this blog to be a rant space. I wanted to write about video games, for god's sake. I had this fantasy that I would write about my favorite games, like Tr...


Paranoia: Two Long Years of Controversy

Sorry for not posting. Today, I was going to go on this long-ass spiel on how I hate the Social Justice Warrior movement in addition to the Anti-Social Justice Warrior movement, but when I sat down at the computer, ready to procrastina...


On Formulaic Games: Professor Layton

Sorry about last post. Crap be whack, and I think I defined Rant well. Alright, time for something a little more light-hearted. It's time to talk about the value of repetitiveness. It seems to be a popular topic on message boards or Ca...


A First Timer's Rant: The Backlash at Maxis and EA

You know when a community makes you so angry? When you see trolls in the forums and feel so inclined to respond just to make your position heard even when you know you'll only make it worse, or when people just downright say something that ...


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