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My New PS3 - First Impressions

I wouldn't have got a PS3 yet, at the current price, had it not been that I unexpectedly got some money. Now that I've had a day or so to play around with it, here's what I think so far.

Oh - and for types that like to add to friends lists and things, I'm 'SurplusGamer' - same for Xbox 360.


- Very nice that it accepts USB keyboard and mouse input.

- I don't know why my 'gamercard' or Sony equivalent is hidden away behind a menu, I'd rather it was there for me to see whenever I'm logged in.

- Disappointed to find out that my PS2 games are not even slightly backwards compatible on the 80GB version when they would be in the old 60GB version. Oh well, I'll live.

- It's also nice that it supports more formats for media playback than the 360. I watched a DivX video earlier and it was great.

- I don't like that it has to install everything I download. Why can't I just download a demo and play it like on the 360?

In all, I find the software side of the PS3 difficult to get on with even in comparison with the now very nearly obsolete 360 blades. It feels like I have to fight to get what I want, if I can get it at all. In exchange for a very clean uncluttered look, they've made it very difficult to navigate. On the other hand, in terms of the various different pieces of hardware / file formats supported, there are some great touches.

Final Thoughts
My first day of PS3ing has been an odd mix of pleasant surprise and disappointment. However, I believe that there is a great foundation and if they concentrate on improving the software like Microsoft are doing for the 360, it could be improved greatly. In the end though, it's about the games. I still think the 360 has the edge here but if more stuff like LittleBigPlanet emerges, and the multi-platform releases have fewer shoddy PS3 conversions, I think that this will still hold a proud place in my collection.

I've just realised that I now have a Wii, a 360, a PS3, a PSP, a DS, a PS2, an Xbox, and a Gaming PC. That's quite scary.
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