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10 Least Bad Games of 2008

Here are my top 10 games of 2008 and why. If your own Favourite-Game-Which-Should-Obviously-Be-On-The-List is not on here then it's possibly, even probably because I didn't play it. And even if I did play it, what do I know, right?

10. Grand Theft Auto 4

If you had told me a year ago that next year my favourite game would be very multiplayer focused then I'd have had doubts - but here it is. Okay, I admit it. I kind of have a thing for Valve. I have buckets of respect for their design ethic and almost everything they come out with has some sort of lesson in it that I hope other developers will take on board. It's difficult not to wave the Valve banner when they are producing material like this, though. Valve have shown what teamwork, what co-operative really means, now. If it were just the special Infected which you need the other players to rescue from sometimes then that would be neat but the level of dependence on your team goes far deeper than that. No other game has had me so worried about where my other teammates are, how I can best contribute, the best way to divide up labour as we face an onslaught of zombie mayhem. No other game has made me laugh so hard even as my team has just failed spectacularly to keep it together. Few other games have provided gameplay so rich with possibilities that it tells its own story depending on who you're playing with. I have this game twice - once on 360 and once on PC, just so I can play with as many people and in as many rooms of my flat as possible. If that doesn't qualify it for my favourite game this year, I don't know what would.
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