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Time to tackle my backlog (Really time to love gaming again)


For a long time now I have sort of dissociated from games as something I love. I have been busy now for years with school and trying to establish myself as a functioning adult. In doing that, a lot of my life became something that I can only describe as less than joyful. My hobbies have seemed like this drab thing I do to occupy moments between the spaces I should be doing something more productive. More often than not though, I would simply do nothing. Granted, there were some games that pulled me out of this mental rut, like Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Persona 5. But besides the occasional standout, it was the same routine for the most part. Put on the same shows on Netflix that I have watched so often I really don't need to be looking at them, or plug away at some endless treadmill like World of Warcraft that just made it seem like I did something with my time. Hell, I used to enjoy games so much that I wrote about them on a WordPress blog to an audience of roughly zero. Just because I really did have such a great time with them.

I don't think it was something like depression, more like mental exhaustion that got me to sour on gaming, and reduce it to some bit activity. However, in the time I was being tired all the time, I kept buying games for some reason; almost creating some tomb of backlog from which I can never truly hope to escape. I have been building my digital coffin, and it is made with the empty hours I could have spent playing, and truly enjoying these works. Or hating them, if they suck. But really I want to get back to being a little more present in my own life, maybe not vacantly staring at nothing so much, reading the news to the point of actual depression, and adding more positivity. So while I doubt I will ever be a life-coach, I can at least try to grab the reins of my own being a little more. To that end, I do want to start writing more again, and will do so here because it has an active community, with which I want to interact with. Also I want to start chipping away at the tomb I constructed for myself, that hellish, hundreds of games-deep backlog. While I doubt I will play every title I picked up in some Humble Bundle ever, I do want to get some sort of ball rolling on me loving games again. So I have decided to take my backlog, and parse it out into a few games for the moment that I want to go at more than others. Some of these will take some time to get through, as they're long, but still, this will be a lot better than staring down a giant list of games.

  • Persona 3 Portable [Female Protagonist] (PS Vita): I played this game with the male protagonist a while ago, wanting the experience closest to the original release. As I started this game though, I find that Atlus has changed so much about the game; the music, dialogue, romantic options and overall presentation, that it warrants a whole new playthrough, not just using the New Game+ feature. 
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4): I bought this game the day it came out, got to chapter 2, and forgot it existed. I don't know what came out or what I was doing, but I enjoyed what I played. From what I have seen on news sites, it seems like this game has only gotten better with updates, and I admit; the Assassin's Creed DLC really makes me want to jump back in. I tried to tonight, but the game had a 13GB update that ate into my time way too much.
  • Bloodborne (PS4): I have always wanted to try the Souls games, but I always bounced off of it for...some reason. Not bouncing off the game mind you, I bounced off the idea of playing the game. Bloodborne has a good ambiance, and it seems a little more fast-paced in a way I would enjoy. I got it a while ago on sale, I should really take it out of the shrink-wrap.
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PC): I bought this super-cheap on Steam one day and it has just kind of sat there. From what I remember about the game when it first came out is that remembering to drive on the left side will be really difficult at first. Besides that though, I like open world games, but have soured on GTA for a while, looking for good alternatives. Saints Row gives me what I want out of criminals/world leaders, so I should see what Sleeping Dogs gives me from the cop side of things.
  • Earthbound (3DS or SNES Classic): This is one of those games I always told myself I would get around to. It seems super-charming and it seems like one of those games I should just play right? I have an SNES pre-order so I could wait for that, but I already have it on 3DS, so we will see how this one bares out.
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