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Indoctrination, and why I love it


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Sometimes I feel like a bit of an old man. I am in my early 30's, and have a long history with gaming from the NES onward. Specifically I have a long-running history with Japanese RPGs that take way too long to beat, have some piss-poor translations, but are full of charm. I also play some games that did not have the biggest audience until recently, and I always felt like I was talking about these games to myself, and no one else, which makes me sound like a crazy person, which I am. Loco. 

The original Playstation had a stupid amount of JRPG's. Long ones. Text-heavy, poorly translated, menu-driven slogs that are sometimes universally beloved, sometimes reviled, other times simply command extremely expensive resale prices because only about 50 of the discs were pressed, or they came with cloth maps. You ever play Vanguard Bandits? Probably not, the game isn't great, but it is charming, but it wasn't great. However, there are some other games that are simply resplendent in their quality, but no one played because their title didn't start with Final Fantasy, accompanied by Roman Numerals. The games in the Suikoden series are such a property, almost universally good in quality, but so rarely played. Shuffled off in the annals of history for so long, there has been a small resurgence in love for Suikoden since the games have been coming to PSN. While the chances of a new game in this series being made is roughly 0.000000001%, the old games are able to find a new(ish) audience on either the PS3, or in the case of Suikoden 1 and 2, the Vita. 

Enter the indoctrination. I have a friend who is younger than me, we work together at an easy job that allows time for playing games. We talk a lot about games we play, want to play, have played, and often for me; especially when a new one would come up on PSN, I would talk about Suikoden a lot. Finally we played the first one some together, but that fizzled out. However in the last week he decided to knuckle down and blast through the first Suikoden game. He got all 108 Stars of Destiny and I couldn't be prouder. I like to think my babbling about how good these games are helped get him to the point where we just had to look up how to import the clear data from Suikoden 1 into 2 on the Vita. 

However to me, one of the best parts about this is that Suikoden is the second series I babbled enough about to get him into. While Suikoden may never get the respect it deserves from a more mainstream audience, at least my friend can say he got into Persona before everyone thought it was cool. He can be all hipster about it. You're welcome you idiot.

Remember folks, if you like something enough, it is worth beating your friends over the head with until they like it too. They'll learn, they will learn. 

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