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I feel like all I played this year was Yakuza, and that's fine


In January of this year, I borrowed Yakuza 0 from my friend, and I didn't really like it at first. It was alright, the combat felt weird and the story was very meandering to me. I don't remember exactly when it all clicked, but when it did, it hit me hard. It was actually probably when the main minigames started in earnest; Real Estate for Kiryu and Cabaret Club for Majima. But when the Yakuza bug hit me, it hit me incredibly hard, and as a result, I have played little else this year but Yakuza games. Yakuza 6 was finally put to bed yesterday (Although I am not truly done with it), and until Kiwami 2 comes out next month, I am actually at a loss as to what to play. I have a metric ton of games waiting for me between Humble Bundles, Steam Sales and me just buying things. But all I really want after 7 games is more Yakuza. This series is truly something special from a writing perspective, as well as the volume of things to do. It's really weird; I bought into that false narrative a long time ago that Yakuza was nothing but Japanese GTA, which actually turned me off to the idea of going through the series. I even redeemed Yakuza 5 forever ago, when it was free on PSN and I remember saying to myself, "Why am I even getting this? I'll never play it." Welp, I was wrong, and 5 ended up being one of my favorites in the series. When a lot of people think back to 2018 in video games, a lot of people will think of things like God of War, Far Cry 5, and things like the omnipresent Fortnite. For me however, 2018 is the year of Kiryu, the greatest dad in video games.

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