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Persona 4 Brought Me Back to the Genre I Loved

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 turned 10 years old recently. While I did not get the chance to play this game on its original PS2 release, this game has affected my gaming life considerably. Being a very late release in the PS2 life-cy...


Indoctrination, and why I love it

Sometimes I feel like a bit of an old man. I am in my early 30's, and have a long history with gaming from the NES onward. Specifically I have a long-running history with Japanese RPGs that take way too long to beat, have some piss-po...


Let's Talk Nintendo

So Nintendo has found themselves in an odd spot. For the first time in their long history with video games, they are taking a beating in revenue. It seems that modern concepts of game design, such as using the internet, has eluded them unti...


Bravely Default Demo Is What Demos Should Be

Bravely Default feels less like a demo, and more like a game made as proof of concept. Now this is not to say the game feels unpolished, quite the opposite actually. It isn't like that video Squaresoft made way back when showing Final Fanta...


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Been following this site forever, finally setting up the account recently. I am Ray, from New York, and I like to play and write about videogames in my spare time. I wanted to start posting blog posts here in the hope people will actually read them.