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Traveller In Playtime - The Amber Throne


The Amber Throne is a JRPG made by Joshua Missile and released for the PC in 2015. The game centers around a girl named Arra and the companions she finds on the way to the titular throne, which holds great importance for the fate of the world.

A Wanderer's Tale

I think the storytelling of the game hits the exact aimless feeling it aims for. Arra is mute and all the exposition you get throughout is very concise, banking more on visuals and the player's ability to digest things quickly. They really throw too many new words at you too fast. Even when your party members speak up, they don't talk for long and it's quite difficult to get a read on their characters.

The overarching story took a while before it revealed itself as what you would expect out of a JRPG. By waiting to play the idealism VS world-destruction card, the game made it feel more poignant. But since I had so little knowledge of the characters, the ending didn't reach its full potential.

I'm sure there aren't any plot holes of note, but I can't say I completely enjoyed the confusing nature of the game. For most of my playtime, I felt unsure of my place in this world and just walked around. It feels very unique though, which might be of interest to those tired of what JRPGs are usually like.

The aesthetics and music play a great part in this feeling. Important cutscenes are usually punctuated by half a dozen pictures of respectable quality that look like oil paintings. The whole game is like an eastern european animated adaptation of a fairy tale. The music is simple, opting for a minstral sort of style with drums and strings.


The fighting you have to do in the Amber Throne is really just a formality. It's very simple turn-based combat fought in relatively short battles that are very easy. Enemies deal little damage and there isn't much complexity to be had in most battles. Just attacking takes you quite far. And even when things get more complicated, it's often just a matter of using Arra to disable an enemy's shield.

Skills cost nothing to use, but some of them have charge time and cooldowns to consider. Frankly, most of them are pretty bad. It's a bit of a bother to figure out which skills are worth investing in, since the UI sometimes leaves out information and judging the usefulness of certain skill properties is difficult due to the lack of advanced tutorials.

Enemies only respawn in certain areas after you've let them do so. For much of the game, you only get the exp alloted. This, combined with the short battles keeps the pace very high, matching the plot. The game manages to be a mere fraction of the length of a standard JRPG.

You're incentivized to explore side areas for more enemies to fight, which ties in pretty well with the game's ”wandering” atmosphere.

Final Judgement


- Welcome to my world, Enjoy your stay, But always remember, There is no return.

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