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Traveller In Playtime 2018 Summary


Well, I did it. You can't say I didn't, the proof is in the posts. I wrote 52 reviews during 2018, which might just constitute some sort of meta gag. I still haven't made up my mind on that.

Before we get to the summary list, I thought it prudent to talk about some things in proximity to this hobby of mine. Let's start with the why.

I'm a gaming enthusiast, so naturally, I think about the ins and outs of the medium a lot. What a genre needs to work, what systems are solid, what a game needs to do to get my attention, that sorta thing. As such, reviewing games isn't so strange. I have been entertaining the thought of doing some general essays as well, but I haven't really acted on that idea. I feel like I'd either need some rock solid material, or a reactionary and emotional take to write something decent.

But I'm not really fit for that at the moment, being a student with little time for research and someone with little care for whatever great/terrible thing some game company has done recently. I don't have the means to produce something grand and well-reasoned, nor do I want to drown my voice in the common discourse. There are enough people shouting about Smash and Bethesda, I find.

Instead, I've carved out my own little corner of the web where I write with some depth about whatever game I want. It's quite liberating and I'm thinking my effort will stand against the sands of time, at least a little while.

One reason I write reviews is to collect and finalize my thoughts on games, so that I can preserve them for later use in case it ever comes up in conversation. It's quite useful, and serves as a good reason to play games I have an itch to replay. But once the review is written and there's little left to pick apart, I can leave the game behind without much hesitation and get to something else.

The other big reason is to raise discussion about games that have fallen to the wayside in the popular discourse. I'm often playing something interesting (be it new, old or just plain weird), and I do my best to remind people that it exists. I'm sure the effort is appreciated, since there are so many games to discover. I implore you to check out any game below that sounds interesting.

While writing, I have had some problems with my very small review scale. I use it because going into specifics when grading is annoying, but there have been times where the final judgement of a game doesn't feel final and I should double the scale. But then I'm only 2 more sizes away from the 10-point scale I wanted to escape. I'm sticking with it still, but there's bound to be more edge cases in the future.

But that's not the biggest issue I've had. That honour goes to my release schedule. It's been harrowing to get out reviews on time while studying. I've been driven not to be late ever and that sort of payed off, since I never missed a review, aside from the start of the year.

It's gratifying to play games, take notes and write something cohesive, but it turns out that my body only has so much to give. I've had issues with my back and wrist due to all the desk time at school and at home writing stuff. As such, I've decided to cut down on hobby writing and spend whatever body durability remains on school, which is why this summary took so long to write and there haven't been any reviews this year.

I don't regret this decision, since I've been feeling a bit better and had more time for studies and new games. That's great, but I do want to return to reviewing some day. There are so many games on my list that deserve discussion. I also have a bunch of bigger projects in mind, so we'll see what my throughput for 2019 will be.

But before we think about the future, we look at the past. And my past is full of reviews to share one last time. Most of their threads are sadly locked, so if you wanna comment on something, then please do so here. Without further ado, here's everything I reviewed last year:

We'll see how long my hiatus lasts, but it shouldn't be longer than a few months. Check out my reviews from 2017 if you're clamouring for more.

- Welcome to my world, Enjoy your stay, But always remember, There is no return.

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