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Traveller In Playtime: 2017 Summary


This last year, I started my very own radical brand of game reviews. I forsook the standard 10 point scale and went with my own 4 point scale instead. I also made an effort to only speak about things in the games I reviewed that I thought were worth mentioning, be they good or bad.

It has been pretty successful I reckon, but one can always do better. So I'm making a list of all my reviews of 2017, if only so you get an overview of my taste for reviews to come. Happy reading!

Here's to a new year of my fanciful writings. And as a bonus, you can check out my fake review of Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni. I'll probably write more of these once I figure out what would make for good material. Perhaps some AAA drivel I would never actually touch.

- Welcome to my world, Enjoy your stay, But always remember, There is no return.

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Greetings, one and all. I'm known as Kerrik52 around these parts and I'm Swedish dude with a bachelor's degree in computer science.

I play a lot of games, even the bad ones if they have something interesting to offer. I then write about them on this site for you all to read. I've written about a ton of stuff, but nowadays I mostly write reviews of games with the odd disscussion blog making its way out of my brain every month. My pride and joy is my From Software retrospective, which I highly recommend as a substitute to actually struggling through their first-person games on your own.

When it come to games, I'm mostly an action, platformer, horror, Immersive Sim and JRPG fanatic, but I try to keep my gaming diet varied from time to time. Here are some games/series I love:

Souls Games
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Tales of
Ratchet & Clank
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I have a very low standard for movies, but I still have some distinct favorites. These include:

The Secret Life of Walter Witty
Pooh's Grand Adventure

Anime is a bite of a side-gig for me, but I'm a proud member of the Symphogear Choir.

Go ahead and share a piece of your world with me and I'll pay back in kind. Don't be deterred if I answer you with a wall of text though. I just can't help it sometimes.