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AnimeUk's readers' choice award for best anime of the decade is correct.


Having not played a Lego game in years, it was a blast to play Lego LotR and check out all the small little improvements they've made to the formula. I'm not super invested in going for 100%, but I'm considering it. A shame they're gone from Steam now.


I beat PoP: Sands of Time for a second time and got reminded of the Iznogoud TV show. Yet again, I am impressed with the amount of TV I managed to consume as a child. I Should have played more video games.


I don't know what I expected out a sequel to Ender's Game, but it sure as hell wasn't a tale of two dozen Brazilian space Catholics studying pig men 3000 years in the future. It won me over eventually, but man would a character chart have been useful.


I beat ICO on the HD collection and remembered that it was prototyped on the PS1! It's really neat to see that the premise and a few rooms survived the console transition while the guards got replaced by shadows. There's even a proper couch in there!


Ys: Oath In Felghana got a surprise update with the PSP voice acting and some arranged music! Leave it to XSEED to patch in cool things years down the line. I hope those rumored PSP-to-PC ports of theirs are trucking along as well.


I never thought I'd draw parallels between Tales of Xillia and Steel Ball Run, but here we are.


I thought Alvin in Tales of Xillia was played by Troy Baker, but it turns out it's actually Matt Mercer doing the voice. I'm ashamed of making that mistake, but they really do sound similar! No wonder people have used him as a back-up Troy Baker.


Tales of Xillia is off to a good start. The new mechanics are enat and I like the first three party members. Seems to be on the less sillier side when compared to a few of the other games. Not sure I can be bothered to replay it as Milla though.


I've had a blast with my PSP this week, getting TV cables, a new memory card, a backup battery and managing to recalibrate the analog stick. It really is a lovely little system and I need to write about it someday. I also made myself a nifty custom theme.


PoPoLoCrois was a lovely time. What it lacked in depth it made up for with charm and sprite animation quality. Probably the most newcomer-friendly JRPG I've played.


One on hand, losing a rare game in a bid war kinda sucks (Wild Arms 4 in this case), but on the other hand, it means I don't have to pay a ludicrous amount of money like the person that beat me. My inner collector cries, but my wallet is happy about it.


I've begun my annual "buy games from last year" spree. But since I actually bought new games last year, there weren't many to pick from. So I got these and found out that my PSP needs to be oiled. Poor thing hasn't been used in years.


I picked up the previous 2 BB comics. I found Death of Sleep much better than the Eileen one, since it had actual dialogue and sort of followed the game. The art was also real spooky! Now I just have to wait on book 4 and my collection is complete!


The final boss of Klonoa was pretty great. I really like the game as a whole. It really proves what you can do with a simple set of mechanics and good level design. I hope the sequel is as much fun.


All right, beating Tales of Innocence and grinding in KH3 put me out of JRPGs for a little bit, so it's high time I gave Namco's furball in a hat a chance.


I picked up the DS2 design works and some BB comics. Unlike the trashfire that are the Dark Souls comics, I've heard good things about the BB ones. I hope Elden Ring looks as good as the awesome concept art From Software artists produce. Shit's gorgeous.


All right people, have your fun.


Having done shopping for my grandma for years now, I am so sick of buying carbonated water and so much fruit and bread that it rots in the fridge. It's such a waste on every level. Really makes me want to move out so I can keep a clean fridge for myself.


I wanna play more of Tales of Innocence. The game seems good, but Iria scares me. Also, whoopee 1000 posts.


As a break from my neverending JRPG binge, I decided to watch Golden Boy. As far as sex comedies go, it was pretty refreshing. Unlike modern shows of this ilk, it's surprisingly mature in both its theming and just how saucy it gets. I recommend it!


I don't wanna play Tales of the Tempest anymore. The game is bad and Rubia scares me.


A friend of mine showed up to deliver belated birthday and Christmas gifts. While I only sorta like Evil Twin, I felt I had to get a physical copy for the manual. Manuals usually contain extra story tidbits and this one is no different. It's pretty neat!


After a haphazard nostalgia trip, I was reminded that U.B.O.S was a thing. Going by the first episode and my memories, it seems to be a decent enough show. But good lord did they rip off Harry Potter super hard!


I finished my game of the year blog. I bet you can't guess what won.


Merry Christmas, Destructoid! Stay weird!


Pros of suffering a temporary power outage: The router reset and returned my internet speeds to acceptable levels. Cons: I lost about 30 minutes of progress in Tales of Graces. Feels like a fair trade all things considered.


I bring you the song of my people.


In lieu of those fancy Switch summaries I'll instead gloat over the fact that I've beaten 6 Tales of games this year! Might hit 7 if I hurry. Only 4 (or maybe 6) games to go before I can tell you all which are the best and the worst!


I'm conditioned to think that the PS4 only gets a handful of games per year. But it gets a lot of indie games too. Like this rad-looking juiced up PS1 action RPG Final Fantasy Castlevania-esque mess! I feel kind of compelled to try it.


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