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If there is one thing Mooncrash has taught me, it's that I'm my own greatest enemy. The Typhon do not compare. But now it's been mastered and completed so I'm free to reclaim those 40 GBs of precious SSD storage in preparation for Elden Ring.


Nothing like failing your most productive run in Prey Mooncrash yet because you forgot that Technopaths steal turrets. Including the turret the Engineer spawns, which it will use to shoot you for a very ironic death. I love this DLC, I swear.


I've messed around with Typhon powers a bit and tried Mooncrash. Kinetic Blast feels like cheating. Thankfully, Mooncrash is hard enough to match it. Having runs in a roguelite with permanence is a genius move. Really makes decisions interesting.


I beat Prey doing almost everything with a pure human build, which proved interesting. I was afraid that a lategame section would be stupid, but it was quick to deal with thankfully. Really good game. Time to mess with a Typhon build and try Mooncrash.


Mosquitos should stop.


Man, I've been running around Talos 1 ignoring the main quest in Prey for hours now and the content just keeps pouring out of every orifice. I have like a dozen quests in my log and I've come to grips with fighting. Damn, this game is exhausting.


As a kid, I was always excited whenever video games turned up in cartoons. But nothing caught my attention like these Fox Kids interstitials. It's impressive how good they look for the time. They even display some game design despite being fake.


Dammit Prey, I just wanted to check out an optional objective. I didn't know you'd respawn the enemies in the Hardware Labs plus a new purple bastard who got the honors of being terrible enough to try out my new laser. Getting a text midfight didn't help.


I woke up ecstatic to the Elden Ring news, but then my brain cursed me with a terrible thought. I swear to Kos if it ends up being an EGS exclusive.


Prey (2017) lives up to its reputation as heart attack aid. I've only gotten to the lobby, but I'm already super invested. Immersive Sims be like that and this is basically System Shock 3. No idea what build to go for, but I'll figure something out.


Wow, Sony's actually making a Swedish dub for Rift Apart. That's how you know that they're serious. I can't remember them doing that for an Insomniac game since Resistance 2. I wonder which of our nation's 15 VAs they're gonna use.


I've been lacking Castlevania in my gaming diet, so I decided to play (and beat) Aria of Sorrow. The plot is really insignificant and kinda dumb, but it's a neat take on SotN. I was afraid it'd be too linear, but it was sprawling enough.


I noticed that they're not specifying where he wore it. Just that it only happened once. Is there something you're not telling me about the lore, Konami?


Against a legion of Gwyns, only low ceilings and gravity are your allies. Holy shit this was amazing, I love the Dark Souls community and all it has brought me. The 10-year anniversary draws ever closer, I need to blog about this wondrous game.


I got a decent amount of enjoyment out of X5, but it made me realize how much I dislike the series' love of instadeath stuff. If only they removed that and increased the screen space. I was sad to see that the duel was nowhere near as good as this video.


Ever feel like your life forces you to cast from HP so much that your max HP is starting to deteriorate while your large supply of MP remains unused because you're stuck in the tutorial dungeon where you're not allowed to the skills you specced for?


I beat Arkham Origins. Barring the odd bug, I found it a bit better than Asylum. I swear some parts of the game are designed to fuck with players like me who came straight from Asylum, but in a good way. Now to beat my head against some combat challenges.


I know a good fight scene. This is the best part of The Last Remnant and the only part that truly felt worthwhile. Spoiler warning for those that care. Not that you should, since the game immediately craps all over this entire scene afterwards.


Ever wondered what my brain is like after the fifth hour of nonstop Eurobeat?


Following Asylum, the only hope I had for Origins was that it'd have better combat and an ok story. I'm liking it more than I thought, but that's probably because I haven't played City. But you can really feel them digging for leftover villains to use.


The train has been suplexed, the clown is dead and Final Fantasy VI has been completed. I like it more than V, but less than Chrono trigger. While I have a dozen minor gripes, its ambition and scale did not go unnoticed. What a cool game.


It may have taken half a day of downloading, reinstalling and beating my antivirus into submission, but the final barrier has been overcome and Geofront Azure is now mine. Never thought It'd happen when I first heard of the Crossbell games.


I've finished guiding my friend through the Ace Attorney Trilogy now and I had forgotten just how kick-ass Trials & Tribulations is. It's definitively my second favourite after Investigations 2, but holy shit does it deliver catharsis by the truck-load.


The second half of my Tales retrospective is now live! This is the fun part where I tell you which game does which thing best and what my top 16 games in the series are. Could your favorite be my favourite? Read and find out! Edit: Mid-May bump!


I've been playing the GoW PSP collection. Looks great, but the first one is mostly nothing save for one good scene. The second one is better and a real show-piece for a PSP game. They both reminded me how fun, yet repetetive the series is pre-2018.


Castlevania sure was one of three things on Netflix I've bothered with. Now I wait on their supposed Devil May Cry series to become the fourth.


I ended up liking MGS4 more than I thought I would. Its self-indulgant cutscenes makes it an interesting companion piece to V. The two games provide different experiences, but they both exemplify the negative effects of external forces on development.


MGS4 certainly lives up to the legend. I'm still in act 1 and my controller has turned itself off mid-cutscene twice already. What I played was pretty fun though, the violent battlefield makes screw-ups both common and fun. I even did the statue thing.


I decided to give myself a break from gaming and blogging and now it's been a week. Doing this has been relaxing, but it really highlights how little I have to do outside of chores and job applications. I think it's time to play some Ys tomorrow.


Darker Than Black season 1 was good stuff. While the action, mystery and weird shit has its mettle, what really hooked my was how well the show handles changing perspectives. Everyone's so engaging that half a dozen characters could helm their own show.


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