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Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is... #SymphogearSunday


Onimusha 2 really is a perfect window into its era. One the one hand, it has decent animation, a bunch of ideas I haven't seen elsewhere and combat that rewards mastery. But it's also janky, obtuse, unfair and incredibly campy. Was fun though.


Why did nobody tell me that Onimusha 2 had this banger of a song hidden in its attract mode?


I went through the whole Steam summer sale without buying anything for myself. Does this mean I win? Have I achieved gaming Nirvana?


Tales of Legendia took an interesting turn.


Torchman's will be damned, Symphogear is back! And with a new season, comes my Symphogear Sundays! I'll be writing down my impressions for every episode and putting them in the comments of Qposts. This first episode just radiated animation money!


I set out to get 112%, but it just ain't happening. I can't do the fourth boss rush, nor can I beat the Path of Pain. Beat this guy though. But fucking hell, if this game wasn't amazing. Ate up my whole week. Time to uninstall and get my life back.


Help, I'm playing Hollow Knight and the damn thing won't let me stop. The last three days are just a blur of sleepless nights and bugs.


As a kindness to my Steam backlog, I finally beat Deadcore, which is an FPS puzzle platformer I got for cheap from a friend when I built my computer back in 2015. Was a pretty fun game, even for someone as unfamiliar with K+M gaming as me.


I finally got a chance to try the Dark Souls cardgame! Aside from some silly stuff with the names of things, its quite excellent. Really tense, without much reliance on random chance. Of course, when it's tough, it's really tough. We won though!


Here's my wisdom of the day: Zone of the Enders 2 is harder than I remembered and Tales of Legendia is weird as hell.


After a six month hiatus, my reviews are back! I've been playing loads of games in that time, most of which will be getting the review treatment. First up is Tales of Eternia! Next up? Who knows!


There has been a distinct lack of Community Blogs on Mondays for the last six months. Someone should work to fix that.


I finally went back to System Shock. While it is clunky as hell, I can't deny that it's really immersive and fun. Current status:


I just took the time to blast through this old children's adventure game. Shit was so spoopy I almost died. Anyone here familiar?


For looking like a rip-off of Ty, Kao the Kangaroo 2 features a surprising amount of decent platforming. But besides that, it's extremely lackluster. It's clear to me that the genre has room for more games when even this has it's interesting ideas.


To celebrate the end of school, I decided to get the rest of the Onimusha games coupled with Dad of Boi. I swear that's the last of the PS2 games I'm interested in. I look forward to fighting the Valkyries in GoW.


It's so much easier to do stuff when you don't have school breathing down your neck!


After what must have been 14 hours of writing since last sleep I finished my research paper. I'm just gonna lie down and play God of War 2 until breakfast rolls around.


New Symphogear season airing next month!


Turns out Yakuza 6 isn't about concluding Kiryu's story at all. It's actually a clever political piece meant to ignite undying hatred for drones and roombas. A weird turn for the series to take for sure. Still not as weird as the samurai castle though.


Yakuza 6 let me beat up a Youtuber with his own selfie stick. I think we finally have undeniable proof for video games being art.


Yakuza 6 is something alright. I've hunted the hellbeasts of the sea, played baseball and punched ghosts. Good times.


I played through Unforgiving on the same day I bought it, which feels pretty satisfying. As far as first-person horror games go, it's good enough. Has some unique monsters and good pacing. Props to them for managing to make N├Ącken menacing.


Turns out I'm actually enjoying ToS: Dawn of the New World. It has its issues, but being released 5 years after its prequel comes with certain improvements to combat and presentation. If this game is trash, then you need to play more games.


Got done with Tales of Symphonia. It's my second favorite Tales game out of the 5 I've played. It really is the prototypical Tales game I thought it'd be, but it's not as amazing I'd hoped. People have overhyped it a bit. Onto the sequel, I guess...


FotN: Lost Paradise (and its awesome super boss) done! While it suffers in the story department, it was refreshing to get new mechanics in a Yakuza game. Hokuto techniques are fun and the Yakuza cast was great in the new roles. Still, no tiger punching?


Nothing like losing half a day on your phone getting couragous and wanting a system update, which then results it needing a factory reset. At least I only lost my browser tabs.


Good lord, paying back the debt in FotN: Lost Paradise is the worst. I didn't ask for this amount of realism in my anime game about punching thugs until they explode!


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