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From Software First Person Retrospective [Part 0: Navigation & Introspection]


Seeing as I completed my From Software Firstperson Retrospective recently, I thought it prudent to make it easier to read and offer some thoughts on the individual parts after the fact. You can find the whole thing linked below, which means that you won't have to dig through all of my blogs, nor have to rely on the sequential links in order to read a part of choice. Ain't that spiffy?

Part 1: King's Field 

Only Part (1852 Words)

Ahh, the first blog I ever wrote, squeezed out on a single Thursday. Such innocent and shortspoken times. The layout is rough, since I had yet to master the editor at this point. And even then, I used a different format for this first outing. I divided the game's aspects into separated headlines, since I could.

It's a bit messy, but serves as a decent guide thanks to the maps and I think I managed to explain the plot and the appeal of these games decently. I was a bit lazy, since this was mostly from memory, but the game is so short, so it wasn't an issue.

Part 2: King's Field 2

Only Part (3900 Words)

Just one part in and I already put in more effort. The game has more things to talk about, so of course the blog is longer. I recorded some gameplay in order to showcase how open the start is and how the games play.

The format has changed to the chronological style I kept to throughout the retrospective. It works, as long as the game has enough interesting encounters and areas sprinkled about. I played parts of the game, but I still didn't take my own screenshots, relying instead on random images I could snag.

Part 3: King's Field 3

Only Part (7117 Words)

KF3 was a turning point. Completing this before my trip to Thailand (Read my anime store blog from my time there over here!) almost destroyed me. Not only did I play the game, but I recorded videos, took screenshots, made GIFs and went in-depth on the areas. Hell, I even recorded a full playthrough of the prologue demo, King's Field Pilot Style.

It was at this point where my retrospective assumed its true form of a demented text Let's Play. I also decided on a 6000 word limit per piece for the sake of editing. These things take so much effort to edit. It's my own fault, since I want them to be like this. Quality takes time and whatnot.

Part 4: Shadow Tower

First Part (6592 Words), Second Part (5604 Words)

In spite of what the box says, this game did not rape my soul. But it was journey. Not only is the game a bastard, but it's full of things to talk about, hence why I split it. I also decided to record all the bosses, which was a bit harrowing, since retakes suck.

But thanks to the magic of OBS, it wasn't that bad. And the savestates, can't forget about those.

Part 5: Echo Night

Only Part (4869 Words)

Here's a combo-breaker, with Echo Night not being an RPG. It was interesting to focus more on the plot this time. I think I did a pretty good job presenting the game.

It's kind of plain, so I peppered it with jokes as usual. It's kind of tough to make a joke for every screenshot. I did sorta give up on that later on, at least a little bit.

Halfway Intermission

Only Part (1661 Words)

Here's something lazy and fun. Seeing as there are other games of this ilk, I made a small effort to talk about them. It didn't amount to much, since I hadn't played those games, but it's a decent list of games to check out if you want to widen your horizons.

Part 6: Echo Night 2

First Part (5162 Words), Second Part (4758 Words)

I don't have much to say about this one. I'm proud of what I wrote and happy about the game. If only for the fact that it let me call Bloodborne unoriginal. Read it now and find out why!

Part 7: Eternal Ring

First Part (5134 Words), Second Part (4765 Words)

Oh boy, Eternal Ring. This was a pain. Not only is the game boring, but I couldn't emulate it, so I had to whip out my capture card and record that way. The images were fine, but the footage was awful, since I trusted the provided recording software.

That was a mistake. I've since learned to stream the feed to a 60 Hz computer screen and record it with OBS. The results speak for themselves. Compare this footage with this footage.

But I did find a leveling trick so broken that it let me hit level 99 in like 40 minutes and I got some experience editing, so it wasn't all bad.

Part 8: King's Field 4

First Part (5937 Words)Second Part (5020 Words), Third Part (3461 Words)

Hell yeah, KF4! Very fun game with many things to talk about. It's one of the bigger influences on the Souls-games, holding a multitude of things that would later be stolen and reimplemented. Well worth having the highest word count in the retrospective.

Part 9: Echo Night Beyond

Only Part (530 Words)

I preemptively decided on the games that would be included in the retro, but when I came to Beyond, I had barely anything to say. It's just there. Functional and boring.

Part 10: Shadow Tower Abyss

First Part (6304 Words), Second Part (5109 Words)

Abyss served a a nice finale. It's the most fun to play and gave me some good material to work with. It was a bit melancholy too, since it's the last of its kind.

And that's that. So go ahead and read something about some old games that have been lost in time. Or don't. You can just watch this 7 minute history of Dark Souls video by IGN instead. It's not like I wrote 77775 words so you people would read it, baka!

- Welcome to my world, Enjoy your stay, But always remember, There is no return.

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