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I've decided I've gotta cut down on the sugar. Cutting out Dr pepper is gonna be hard, but I suspect not as hard as watching how much is in the food I eat.


So my newest headset came in. I almost went in one of the pairs suggested to me, but there was a pretty good deal on this Supsoo headset, and it definitely fits the bill. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071JTR1B7/


Anyone else not really into the holidays? Being an adult with my own money has sucked the magic out of the season, and the same old songs and movies just remind me of the fact that I'm aging. It all goes by so fast, tho I miss how epic it felt as a child.


You might recognize this little ditty as the Jimquisition theme, but if you haven't given the full song a listen yet you're missing. Born Depressed is god damn addictive. #Musictoid


Friendly reminder this is a thing that exists. As memetastic as it is, it might also be my favorite mash-up ever.


If Pokemon games aren't tough enough for you, you don't need to do a Nuzlocke. These are the rules I usually play with: Battle style set to Set, EXP Share OFF, and No items (besides held items) during battle.


Anybody got some headphone/headset recommendations that sound good but won't break the bank? I'm not looking to spend more than $50-60, though preferably it'd be around the $40 range. Wired or wireless doesn't matter much.


I managed to not fuck anything up and now have a means of executing arbitrary code in Pokemon Blue on the VC. All of this power at my fingertips and I use it to edit a Mew so that it'll be accepted as legal by Pokemon Bank.


I made the mistake of checking to see how the current results look for the Virginia elections and they're distressingly close. Right now Northam (Democratic candidate) is projected to win but he's only leading by about 1%. I just...really hope he wins.


Smart People playing Smash Bros: Okay from 0 to X% my character has this, this, and that combo option and can do this thing to mix up their DI Me: *holds shield until I can get a grab*


Everybody has their favorite characters they hope to see in the next Smash Bros, so what are they? I'm not sure there's any Nintendo character I really want that badly, but I've been hoping for Simon Belmont and Rayman to make it in for a while now.


So for you PAL region folks, Kirby Battle Royale should be out either today or tomorrow. I'll be getting it in the mail hopefully within the next week or two. Till then, I'll be listening to the dope music (in the comments!).


As great as the ending was, and how cool the post-story content is when you first get it, I can't help but be let down a bit... (spoilers in comments)


If for some reason Odyssey didn't totally capture your heart like it didn't mine, don't sleep on it just based on those first few worlds. The game definitely picks up once you head for New Donk City.


Odyssey's photo mode, coupled with the Switch's gyro aiming, is the best argument yet for a new Pokemon Snap. Nintendo just needs to make it happen.


So while Odyssey is definitely a good game, a very fun one, possibly one of the best on the system...I'm not sure it's clicking for me. Something about it isn't really grabbing me. I think it's that I prefer my Mario more platformy, less explory.


On a whim, I decided to try the Cemu Wii U emulator. I had a game dump of Smash I made when I wanted to build my own mod packs, and with only a little tweaking I was able to get it running smoothly. Wasn't expecting that!


AGDQ Room update: So I've got one person that's willing to stay with me for a few nights, so I've gone ahead and booked a room for the 6th to 14th. Would really help if someone else stayed with us to ease the cost on us though!


This might be the most important video you watch today


#Quickpressions: The Kirby BR demo is fun, but the gameplay seems to lack the depth of the 2D Kirby style. These feel like mini-games that should be cut down and wrapped up in a Mario Party-style board game, not presented individually. Lack of 3D is sad.


Guys, Switch system update! Video recording (on certain games), the ability to transfer user profiles and saves between systems, and a couple of minor things. https://www.nintendo.com/switch/system-update/


Inspired by a discussion on my last qpost: What's one of your favorite Pokemon teams you've used? Could be in game or made for competitive play. I've used so many over the years they kinda blur together, but I think my favorites are from the DS gens.


Just became the league champ for what feels like the thousandth time, yet it's still exciting every time. Lance put up a good fight, with his final Dragonite taking down 3 (!) Pokes on its on before succumbing to my last Pokemon. Next, Kanto!


Welp I bit the bullet and tweeted/messaged a couple people on Twitter about GDQ. No success yet but I'm giving myself till the end of the month before I cancel my registration.


Samus Returns is easier than previous Metroids in the sense that it's more linear and more forgiving to newer players, but the enemies and bosses absolutely will kick your butt. However, I rather like how bosses work here.


My crippling fear of strangers has kept me from asking on places I don't regularly visit, but alas, I've yet to find that AGDQ roommate. I promise I keep good hygiene. :3


So any of you guys going to AGDQ 2018? I'm planning on going, but there's no way I'll be able to afford a hotel room by myself for a week. It'd be cool if I could split a room with some cool cats.


Man, these SNES success stories almost make me feel like a fool for putting up with Wal-mart taking a week to get mine to me, but I'm not really in a hurry to play them - I just needed the peace of mind that I could actually get one.


At work and sick as a dog. This is one of those days where I'd really prefer to be lying in bed with a Godzilla film on.


Pokemon is one of the main reasons I have a backlog. I find it hard to split my attention between games and I tend to lose interest quickly, or worse, burn myself out by playing too much at once. But I can always play Pokemon.


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