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10 Things about KeithTheGeek


Ahoy hoy, everyone! Itís sure been a while since Iíve updated my blog, eh? And the reason for that isÖwell, frankly, wanting to write something and actually coming up with things to write about is difficult. And, in fact, I rarely spend much time in the community blogs these days. But now that weíre doing the whole ď10 things about meĒ game again Ė one that I unfortunately skimped out on when I first joined Destructoid Ė itís time for me to climb out of my whole and write a blog all about me. After all, thatís what you want to readÖright?

1. Keith is actually my middle name!

Shocking, isnít it? My nameís actually Brandon (something you may have noticed if you checked out my Twitter for whatever reason). I went with KeithTheGeek for a couple of reasons- I wanted to distance myself from past internet names and accounts, and it has a nice flow to it. Keith kinda rhymes with geek, doesnít it? I had plans to make video content under this name, but plans mean nothing if youíre a lazy bum like me.

2. Iím a bit of an artist.

I say a bit, because in reality Iím really not that good. Part of the reason for the name change noted above was to move away from a deviantArt account thatís still semi-active, but which I mostly post crap to. I have, however, once posted some art here for an art blog, which you can see here if youíre so inclined (but it's old and not very good). Since then, Iíve taken an art course in college and Iíve certainly improved my ability, but I havenít really applied it to anything beyond work for that class yet.

3. Who plays video games, anyways?

When Iím looking to pass the time, I tend to spring for the internet first, games second. I love reading about games and discussing about them, but I hardly ever actually play them. There are various reasons for that, from a lack of cash to being largely disinterested in most of the popular games, but even when I do get games it isnít likely Iíll complete them. Often times Iíll play for a little bit before getting my fill. And I have several games Iíd like to get back to, if I wasnít busy playing something else. Most recently Iíve been pouring all of my time into Smash Bros. This brings me to my next topicÖ

4. Iíve played in a Smash Bros. tournament!

I went to Civil War VI back in April. Civil War is an MD/VA area fighting game tournament that had several games there, including Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M. It was my first time entering such a tournament and I had plenty of fun. Contrary to popular belief, most competitive smashers are actually very nice, even when they 4-stock you by wave shining into a shine spike. (Translation- I played a good Fox player who knew how to chain together his Reflector attacks by jump canceling it into a wave dash.) I entered as .RAR, which has a silly story behind it that I wonít get into here. I think for both games I ended up winning 2 sets and losing 3, which was a fair bit better than I expected to perform.

5. I (mostly) like Brawl.

Recently, Iíve been getting rather vocal with my criticisms of Brawl. Personally, I find it incredibly difficult to play nowadays, from the fact that the game is slowed down to the general unresponsiveness of the controls compared to Melee. But donít think for a second I hate the game. I donít regret ever playing it, as many of my favorite gaming moments came from Brawl. In fact, I played it online with a friend just a week ago. I can still have fun with the game, but it simply canít compare to the thrill I get when playing Melee or Project M. A fun game can still be incredibly flawed, after all. So what do I think of Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS then?

6. Iím looking forward to the new Smash Bros. games.

Very early into the year, you might have noticed I was making some negative comments with regards to the new games. These were mostly based on observations of what they had revealed up to that point, along with educated guesses based on three games worth of information Ė four, counting Project M. Yet I got a lot of flak for my thoughts and opinions, and was down voted pretty hard. I even received snarky comments asking to see the advance copy of the game I had.

My criticisms came from not a hatred of Smash or Sakurai, but from a love of the series in general. And in the months after I had posted my thoughts, Iíve really started to warm up to the new game. Sakurai and his team have proven that theyíre willing to adjust the game mechanics and play with new ideas to make the game as fresh and exciting as possible, without having to rely on mechanics that punish players for playing the game. In particular, Little Mac excites me because heís a character that uses heavy armor and a meter system, fighting game mechanics that are mostly absent from the Smash series. Well, unless you play Project M, but thatís up to you if you want to consider a mod of Brawl as reliable fan input.

7. Pokťmon is my favorite series, but I donít really care that much about Hoenn Remakes.

I liked Ruby and Sapphire well enough, and I felt Emerald really improved on those games. But Iím simply not emotionally invested in these games as I was with the first two generations, and even those remakes didnít elicit as much as an emotional response as Iíve seen from several fans here. More importantly, Iím a little annoyed with how fickle this fandom seems to be regarding which generations and games are considered good. I personally felt the series peaked with Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and consider the original Red and Blue to be my overall favorites in the series, if not my favorite games of all time. There are a lot of things the new games do right, of course, and I really do like the Pokťmon introduced in later games, but at the same time I feel that the single player has been getting a hell of a lot weaker. Multiplayer might be what the series was founded on, but I play these games to immerse myself into the world and to see that part being botched up really disappoints me. Thatís, however, a blog for another time.

8. So you like Pokťmon and Smash Bros. What other games do you like?

Glad you asked, reader I suddenly gave a voice to! Those two along with the Kirby series makes my big trifecta of favorite game series. Of the Kirby series, my favorites are Kirby 64 and Kirbyís Adventure and I feel theyíre much more solid games than fan favorite Super Star. I do still enjoy that style of Kirby game, with its remake Super Star Ultra providing hundreds of hours of entertainment through its Arena sub-games. Iím also fond of Mario and Zelda also, as a lot of Nintendo fans are. For these series, my top three, from first to last, is Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario World and Wind Waker, A Link Between Worlds, and The Legend Of Zelda, respectively.

9. Are you always this long winded?

I like to make sure I get my point across in text while still trying to keep my voice showing through it. My writing could always use some improvement, as I tend to abuse parenthesis and overall write rather repetitively. But I hope whoever does read what I write enjoys it, or at least my thoughts within. Besides, a paragraph per topic isnít that long, is it?[/size]

10. You didnít reveal very much about yourselfÖ

To be honest, I kinda ran out of topics to write about without getting into my personal life. So I guess Iíll throw some other things here just for kicks. A mini-list about me, if you will:

††† * I have asthma
††† * I like to bowl
††† * Godzilla is my favorite film series and Iím excited for the new film
††† * I even liked the original American Godzilla (gasp)
††† * I dislike coffee and most soda, but I love tea
††† * Despite living in the south, I hate sweetened tea
††† * My family loves cats, and at the moment we have seven of them
††† * We also have other pets, including turtles and parrots
††† * Iím actually pretty terrible at most video games
††† * To reiterate that point: I havenít beaten Super Mario Bros. yet

Well, it was nice to finally write a sort of introductory blog after being here for around two years now. Iíve been enjoying reading everyone elseís blogs about themselves, and I hope this gives some insight into my mind.
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