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There's no such thing as a "casual game"

There is no such thing as a "casual game". Firstly, I want to discuss what we think the word means to begin with. Wikipedia's page for Casual Game says: "A casual game is a video game or online game targeted at or used by a mass audience ...


Introducing myself at Destructoid

Hello, Destructoid! My name is Keith Burgun. I'm a game designer, artist, and composer primarily, but I also like to write about various topics regarding games. I've been writing for many years for other sites and a personal blog of my o...


About Keith Burgunone of us since 1:43 AM on 12.02.2010

I'm a game designer, artist, musician, writer. My first commercial game is currently available for iOS devices and OSX - it's a dungeon crawling RPG (sort of) called "100 Rogues".

I'm designing a new cross-platform game called AURO which should be out this winter.

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