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E3: Ubisoft the Keeper of Secrets!

So first day of E3 is almost done, and after a bunch of "meh" moments and with Sony next on the line up, I doubt anything can top off Ubisoft's press conference today. We have seen Microsoft's attempt to jump into the fray with Apple and ...


New comic strip!

First attempt at a comic strip with my new graphics tablet, link to a larger size*qHq0nwyosX*V2L3XwvM-Nojn9xCdAXOOMatitHGmiII4D*lH24hJXkXuddv2MuV*bPV*SS/NPCs1.jpg


Help keep alive!

From a gamer's community to another I bring a plea of help. has been an active gamer's community for a few years now, much like Dtoid but not as successful. It all started thaks to Gary Gannon, co-host of the now seemingly p...


Why W.A.R fails...

Well I finally cancelled my subscription to W.A.R. And it pains me to do so...The game had so much to offer and yet it delivered poorly in my opinion. Don't get me wrong. The game is incredibly stable, well designed, the classes are very w...


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