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Whelp, I'm Going to be Homeless: UPDATE 5


Update 5: Many of you know that I have been practically homeless and living in a hotel since last August. As of last week, we couldn't afford to stay in the hotel any longer, and are now living in a shack owned by a friend of a friend of my sister. it has power, but it doesn't have running water and is completely gutted, as it was inteded to be renovated at some point, so there isn't a bathroom or kitchen. Due to how far away the shack is from my workplace, public transportation isn't viable as it would be too expensive for me to use, it would take up my entire pay check just to be able to get to work for the next 2 weeks. I am hoping that I can get transferred to a closer store, but it's not something that is set in stone by any means, so I am trying to work it out with my manager. This is the first chance I have gotten since moving out of the hotel to update you all on the situation, and I thank you all for the kindness that you guys have shown me over the pass few months. hopefully things get resolved soon, as my mother still gets to work thanks to the kindness of one of my sister's friends who has allowed my mother to borrow his car.

Update 4: We are still staying at the Hotel for the moment, we have been avidly looking for a new place to stay, but with the eviction on our record and the fact that we have dogs, it's been really dificult to find a new place to stay. currently my mother is contemplating on wether or not we should buy an RV or camper home, since they are fairly inexpensive, and KOA's are really cheap. we really can't do anything at this point until my mother gets her christmas bonus. i really hate to ask, we only have enough money to stay at the hotel till monday, after that we will have to leave, and i don't know what we will be able to do after that. i hate having to ask, but i have to do everything that i can. i greatly appreciate everything the community has done for me.

Update 3: We almost had a new place lined up, but our previous landlord screw us over. So for the time being we are continuing to stay at the hotel. For now we are waiting for my mom's financial aid to drop. I... don't like asking, but I need a bit more help. we don't have enough money to rent another week at the hotel, since we won't be getting the financial aid until next week. We are still actively looking for a new place. I honestly didn't want to ask for more help if i could help it. 

Update 2: We recently got approved for a house to rent, all we need to do is sign the rental agreement and have the down payment. Thank you for the suport everyone has shown me. In a wierd coicidnece landlord of the property was in Germany at the same time as we were when my mother was stationed there in the miliatary. She was the manager of the PX that we used to frequent when we were in Germany. It's not a big place, or particularly fancy, but it's good enough, and that is all I need.

Update 1: First let me thank you all for the suport that you have shown me, i greatly appreciate it. I wanted to give you all an update on my current sitaution to let you all know that I am fine. I managed to find a temporary place for my two dogs to stay at, they are staying with a friend of my sister. I am currently staying at an extended stay hotel, but the cost of staying here wasn't cheap (though it was the cheapest around) and now we are all out of money for the next two weeks and we don't know how we are going to eat or what will we do once the week at the hotel is up. But we have a place to sleep for the time being, and I am grateful for that at least. Where I am staying is close enough to my job that I could probably take the bus there, or if I am motivated (and I am ) walk there, I may end up walking. Hopefuly we can find a new place to live within the week and that the student housing program that the college my mother is attending will help us with the deposite for the new place. the hotel that I am staying at has free wifi, so I will continue to be fairly active in the community. I hope that you will continue to give me your support, and God bless you all.

Original Post: Let me first say this, I have been an active community member since 2013 i believe, and I have loved this site and everyone in it, barring a few exceptions. You guys have helped me get through some really rough patches in my life with your unique brand of humor. I have been homeless off and on over the course of my life, what makes this incident particularly noteworthy is the fact that we don't have a car this time around to bail us out. Before, we would sleep in the car at some random parking lot, usually a church parking lot as most churches aren't going to really bother a homeless family sleeping in their property as long as they aren't disturbing anyone. Another noteworthy reason being how we got to this point, my landlady says that we haven't paid her in months, and wrongly wanted us out, she had her math wrong, and any time we tried to correct her math and deal with the situation, we were met with resistance. After months of stalling the legal process, we finally have our 24 hour notice, and this is also my 24 hours notice for you guys to say that I am going to go dark by this time tomorrow and I don't know when I will even have internet access for the time being. Right now I have no where to go, no one to help me or my mother, no car, and two dogs. We have spent the last 4 months looking for a new place to stay, but no place we have looked at will accept our dogs becuase they are too big, my 30-40 pound 10-14 year old hound dogs. I am writing this becuase I am scared, scared of what will be of our dogs, and what will be of me when I can't even find a place to sleep. Because of this I have lost my job, as I can't go to work homeless and deal with my dogs. since I am an introvert I don't have any friends that I can turn to, so it isn't like I can get the help of a friend to hold me up for a few day or even my dogs. Everything is just so frustrating, I really don't know what to do...

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