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Movie Recommendation: Silence


Here is something some of you may not know about me, but I am a fairly devout Christian. And as a Christian, I have found it incredibly difficult in finding good films that is centered around the religion that actually tackles Christian themes instead of simply being a setting for something else. The Sound of Music is a great film and all, but it isn't about a nun who is wrestling with her faith. Often times films that aims to be specifically Christian usually ends up being a hateful cringe fest benifitting no one, and failing as a film. A good Christian film should by all means, be a good film first and foremost. The intent should be that you are not only making a film for Christians, but for non-Christians as well. A good Christian film should challenge the beliefs of the viewer, both Christian and non-Christian. I want to write this review, because I fear that it will go unnoticed by the movie viewing audience at large, and it would be a great shame that it be missed.

"Silence" is a film co-written and directed by Martin Scorsese, based upon the book of the same name. The story is about two missionaries who go to Japan in order to find out the fate of their teacher. While there, they discover the hardships taht the Japanese Christians are going through and so they try to do their duty as preists while gathering information on their lost teacher. The film is wonderfully acted, with standout performances from Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, the two leads. As always, Liam Neeson's performance is never one to disappoint. I don't wan to go too deep into the themes of the film, becuase i want people to make up their own minds on it. It is a powerful film, and I really hope that you all give it a fair shake.

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