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What Does Microsoft Have Behind the Curtain?

May 12, 2005 was an evening that changed the landscape of gaming. Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk, The Killers and more appeared on MTV in a grand spectacle that culminated in the reveal of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft spent an estimated 1 million dollars to shout to the world, here’s our new console you better take notice, and we did. Here we are almost 8 years later and Microsoft has more or less “won” this console generation.

Microsoft has announced that on May 21, 2013 a new generation of Xbox will be revealed, this time around however it’s not a public event, there likely won’t be celebrities or huge bands or a television special, it’s not even at a time convenient for most consumers to tune in to watch. No this time Elijah Wood is being replaced by Don Mattrick, instead of a flashy prime time MTV special, Microsoft’s home campus in Redmond, Washington will host the next reveal at 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon. As a consumer I have ask why? Why the drastic change?

Two months ago Sony held a huge press conference to let gamers and developers know, we know we messed up with the PS3, but we will fix out mistakes, the PS4 is for you. Every facet of their event was created and presented to appeal to gamers and developers, save a single slide that talked about entertainment apps.

Microsoft will conversely will likely focus on hardware, services and partnerships, as Microsoft’s Major Nelson said E3 will quote “showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games.”

So why should the gamers really care about tuning into the reveal?

As someone who has made the Xbox 360 my primary gaming console this generation I am interested in finding out why such a drastic change from one generation to the next, I would think that Microsoft would want to continue to ride the wave the Xbox 360 has created, to get out there and appeal to public and make their voice heard, instead it seems like they want to keep the event low-key and to divert as much attention away as possible. It makes you have to question why?

What is happening with the next Xbox that’s causing Microsoft to not be the bold and brash public face it has been since that first reveal of the 360. Are the always-on rumors true? Is the next Xbox going to lock out the used market? Does Microsoft really not put much stock in traditional gamers?

We will have to turn in May 21, to get maybe start getting some answers for ourselves, and no doubt Microsoft has hired people far smarter than myself to coordinate and strategically plan the information roll-out for their next console. Maybe this is just stage one of a bigger plan that the public isn't privy to. Maybe all the rumors are false and Microsoft has big secrets planned to bring gamers in droves to the next Xbox. Then again maybe not.
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