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Yet Another 360 Blows Up, Rabbid Blogger Angry

No, not Rabbid as in I blog about everything. I just love the Rabbids. I mean, someone who draws them and puts them up in my banner... come on. That's true devotion.

About a month and a half ago I received the Red Ring of Doom, Death, and Destruction (a.k.a. the 3 Red Lights) via an Xbox Live Update. Of all the idiotic ways that my system would blow up from the Red Ring, it had to be from an update. But sure enough, upon rebooting of the system it crashed. So I called Microsoft and had it shipped out.

A little more than a week ago I got my new system back. Plugged it in, everything was fine. Had to re-download some expansions, but for the most part it was fine, up until last night of course. On Thursday I managed to reserve myself a copy of the Halo 3 Collectors (the second level) before GameStop decided to shut them off and only allow the Regular edition to be reserved. Happy I went home to find out that.. oh no... it's another Xbox Live update. What's with these people?

After calling some friends who were already online, they all confirmed the update to be safe for your system. Updated, cool. However the disk drive wasn't acting properly. Now, coming from a system that's standing upright in my home, I've had that problem with my last 360. In fact, it even made a copy of Overlord jump out of the CD Holder and skip a little into the system, damaging the disk beyond all recognition.

Last night, my sister started playing LEGO Star Wars 2 (great game), when we started to hear the disk grinding while it was reading the disk. Thinking back to Overlord, I could just see her be very upset if it damaged her disk. So I told her to shut it down and just have it sit for a moment. A while later we ejected the disk, no harm done to the disk. Shut the system off again, watched a little TV.

Last night I booted it up again to play the COD4 Beta for a while until my friend wanted to play Rainbow Six. So I went back, popped in the disk, machine said "Open Tray" Huh? Opened the tray, it struggled for a bit but when it opened, there was no disk. Panicked I shut the system off and then laid it horizontal. Turned it on, ejected, and there was the disk. Put it back in the machine, and the next thing I heard made me a VERY upset gamer.

The drive started to work and then a loud halting gears was sound. Like there was something preventing the machine to spin the disk. The next thing that came up "Unrecognizable Disk". I put in every single Xbox Game I own, same problem.

Now I know that there's nothing I can do unless I want to risk popping my system open and voiding my warranty (which would suck if I got Doom, Death, and Destruction back). But it's defiantly hardware, not software which is causing my 360 not to read my disks. If anyone out there actually does have an answer to fixing the 360 (even though the warranty would expire), I would take it into consideration and may have my computer building, hardware specialist friend take a look at it.

So now I'm very irate at the moment. I already spent a month and a week waiting because an Xbox Live Update fried my first system, and yet again it prevents me to read any of my games. And if I have to pay to get it fixed, my head's going to hit the roof. For crying out loud, it's been a little over a week since I just got it back. The good news is, I'm taking it easy so when I call them, I can yell at them with finesse and not raising my voice or using colorful metaphors, which would totally be what I would do right about now. 2 Xbox Live Updates crashing my systems, and once again sending it back. I really don't care about not being able to play Halo 3 right away, it's just I'll be without my 360 for another month.

The moral of the story: Don't reserve Halo 3. It corrupts your systems.
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