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Dev Side: Announcement

Hey y'all, 

Some of you may know me as a semi-infrequent commenter here on Dtoid, but for those of you that don't I'm a long-time Dtoider, and a game critic in my own right. While I have written for such sites as Examiner, 148apps, RipTen, and many others, I still consider myself a rookie, with much to learn. As I continue to pursue a career in being a game critic, I am actively beginning to pursue a career in another area of interest: developing games. 

That's where this blog comes in.

I thought, as a fun experiment, every week (or so) I would write up my week of game development. Now, obviously, I won't start by creating some wonderful, amazing game that everyone should play. I aim to start slowly and learn while creating. I do have some experience and have worked with things like Twine, and I'm actively working on learning more development languages.

So, if you'd like, take a little trip with me every week, and we'll venture into the realm of game development.

This is Dev Side.

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