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Bioshock... so... eh?

I haven't been keeping up on this game so maybe someone can fill me in. What's the big awesomeness of this game? This is a honest to god question, not trying to be an ass. All I have ever seen were pictures of that same weird looking thi...


Article I read about Ken Kutaragi

I saw on another website, www.gamesindustry.biz, they had a article of Ken Kutaragi's career at Sony. I must admit, it was a interesting read... at least it was for me. It talks about the Sony and Nintendo deal back in the day and how it ...


I Live On!

That wonderful epic movie called, Dead or Alive (I know you wanted to watch it) was released this weekend. I was ready to jump off a bridge if it became successful... and I thought my life was nearly coming to an end when I saw someone had...


About Kalakauaone of us since 2:40 PM on 11.17.2006

Long time gamer. Started in the 80's when I was a wee lad back on a Commodore 64 (it's a very old computer for you young folk).

I primarily game on my PS3. PSN tag is Kalakaua. I have a 360 and Wii, don't play them. Wii is basically used for virtual console and my 360 has been collecting dust since Halo 3. For some reason it just doesn't do it for me.