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Sansara Naga - A 'Blogthrough'


               Walkthrough for Sansara Naga (1990, NES)(A Vedic-Hindu JRPG)
              English translation patch version 1.0 was done by Stardust Crusaders

            *~ Do not redistribute this Walkthrough on any other website. - Kahl~*

        Sansara Naga received it's first English translation on December 28th of 2013.

    Our story starts from the outskirts of Orissa Village where our young hero has been chased out of the village by the angry villagers for attempting to steal that village's Dragon Egg, which wasn't really a Dragon Egg at all. It was an Ostrich Egg. It is unknown to me if this is really Orissa Village or if this is a village that our hero, from Orissa, has decided to steal from. Nonetheless, his grandmother lives in this village so I assume that it is in fact Orissa Village. Why has he decided to steal from his own village?

Orissa Village - Only two Friendly NPCs here until you become a Dragoon - Beware.

     *Grandma (Spirited Away Witch??) - Free Health Refills and Box Lunches
     *Treasure Chest - 33 Snapper Scale

  Disregarding this, chasing the ostrich on the field map will lead you to a small building at the foot of some mountains home to a barterer that tells you to go find Dragon Dung to the landmark directly west of this one. Once you have talked to him, head west. (Pass through the mountains or go around them.) You will want to run from all the battles until you get to Lower Town. You'll notice that there are boundaries with black borders, this is called the 'Edge of the world' and there are Hindu statues raised up from these deep chasms. Go North until you can go around the chasm, then continue west and then south. You'll notice a green tree on the field map. It's not really green though. This is where you will find:

Dragoon Peninsula

     *Dragon Dung (Top branch, right side, second hole)
     *Rusted Sword (Rightmost- Middle branch)
     *Rusted Armor (Leftmost- Middle branch)

  Be sure to snag the Rusted Sword and Armor, equip them both when you leave. The Dragon Dung is atop the tree. Also, I must add, this looks like a Truffula tree... Though it's really reminding me of a Yggdrasil tree kind of approach too... Go back to the man that requested the dung and you will have a Dragon Egg! Congrats, the game begins here. Head to Orissa, talk to Granny for a heal and Box Lunch, then go open the chest in the top rightmost building for 33 Snapper Scales. The villagers will always hate you here, and they will steal your armor and leave you for dead. With Snapper Scales in hand:

Haratama Hut No.4

    * Talk to Al Sinha, if you fail to do so, you will not be able to progress later on.
      * Take the 300 Rupees in the chest. There is also a secret boss here.
      * Toiletporters may seem expensive now but save you hardship later. 'Nuff said.

  ...Get in the river, and swim upstream to the Haratama Hut. Talk to the vendor if you want, but don't buy anything. Go to the back room and talk to the mysterious sage, Al Sinha. He will tell you that your Dragon is weaksauce and that it will eventually transform into a Holy Dragon if you raise it well, then he'll vanish. Take the 300 Rupees and leave the Hut continue traveling upstream along the river and eventually you'll come to:

Uber Watercat Lake - That's what I call it, anyways.

     * Do NOT fall in the deep parts of the lake. You will die, you cannot run, either.
      * There are four paths to walk on. One area is inaccessible right now.

 Swim upstream, you will come to a lake which gets deeper towards the center. Do not swim into the depths of the lake, you will die. Instead, swim up and to the west. Get onto the thin strip of land, walk it until you head into town. Despite this being the core city of the game, there is no NPC to greet you with info on where you have arrived. Welcome to:

Capital City - From the path West you have traveled East to Capital City.

      *You should have 380 Rupees upon arrival. If not, sell the Dragon Dung.
      *Useful Purchases: 7,700 Rupees of Nico Loans
      *Buy List: Snapper Shield, Leather Armor, Mantle, Full Board at the Inn. (8,080R)
       * Sell List: Dragon Dung, Rusted Armor, Leftover Snapper Scales
       * Skip List: Steel Sword and any other Armors...
       * Treasures: 15,000 Rupees in Nico's Loans Shop.

 When you get into town head to the Nico Loans building. Get seven loans for a thousand rupees, a five hundred rupee loan, and two hundred rupee loans. Go forge your Snapper Shield at the Blacksmith and do not buy the Steel Sword. He'll tell you you need to sleep at the Inn overnight. You're going to want to save your progress here in Capital City anyways, so pay for Full Board Inn services. Buy the max amount of Box Lunches, if you can afford it, from the Innkeeper. You'll wake up with full health, now you can go get your new Snapper Shield. Finally, go buy the Leather Armor & Mantle from the armor shop and while you're there you can sell your Dragon Dung & Rusted Armor.

 Equip all your newly acquired gear then go back to Nico Loan shop and kill the lending NPC inside to access the safe. You'll be surprised that the sexy red-headed Nico Loans lender gal is actually a dude with dark brown hair and is able to deal flea-sized damage to you. Now you're rich! --- Not really. Leave town, then come back. Pay off your debt to Nico Loans or else they'll send the immortal Goomba loan shark after you a few days later! Go Hoverpool Bar and talk to the NPC that tells you that the palace was sacked. This triggers an event. Leave Capital City to swim across the shallow lake water and head to the East path that leads West back towards the center of the lake, you are now entering the most shiesty place in the game, most commonly known as:

Lower Town - From the path East you have traveled West to Lower Town.

     *You should have a lot of rupees upon arrival...
     *Useful Purchases: Tiger Killer & Cursed Beads
     *Buy List: Only buy the 'Tiger Killer' for 1,980 Rupees. Cursed Beads are expensive.
        *Skip List: Everything else... Maser Gun breaks!

  You walk into town, once again, with no NPC to tell you what the town is called. It's okay though-- because all you need to know is that everyone here wants money and they want it so bad that there are many NPCs that will try to get you to sleep in their beds and then steal all your Rupees. That's too bad for them, because you're going to need all of them. Avoid the man in a blue coat with glasses and a frowning face, the one that is standing near a street vending kiosk. He will fight you if you talk to him, if you are not prepared to fight and have not yet bought the Snapper Shield, he will kill you and steal your belongings and your Rupees. Just north of this NPC is another NPC that will demand you pay him for nothing, if you decline he will fight you just like that other thug. I have posted a picture of our hero standing between these two thugs.

   Nothin' shakin' on Shakedown Street. Used to be the heart of town~

  Amongst the 'friendly' people that will rob you without notice in Lower Town, most of them are NPCs that want you to drink booze or sleep at a discounted rate. Refuse these offers. Inside the Northeast section of town, you will find a man inside of a building that sells the great 'Tiger Killer' swordthat adds +25 STR and does not break unlike the Maser Gun. Head back to Capital City, you're going to get a powerful weapon:

City Sewers - Dragon-Hatching-Rupee-Earning Action!!!

      * Sign up for Dragon Daycare Services in Capital City.
      * Feed your dragon until you trigger the Palace event.
      * Treasures: Escargot (10) and Seahorse Tongue (Do not sell/use Escargot yet.)

   If your dragon has not already hatched, go kill monsters in the sewers to make easy money from selling Water Cat bodies to the Chemist for 620 Rupees per cat and after about 10 battles, no matter where you fight them, your Dragon should hatch. To get to the sewers Search the green well at the Northwest-most wall. You might actually want to skip to the next segment of the walkthrough and come back to this segment when you have the Kurikara Sword. When your Dragon hatches, go to the Dragon Daycare in Capital City and use their services for 800 Rupees. Listen to what the lady tells you to feed your dragon and pay 300 Rupees for the distemper immunization.

    Feed your dragon everything you've killed in the sewers and on the field map. Well, except for the Water Cats which you should stockpile and sell for a profit. Keep feeding your dragon and checking back with this her. When the old lady finally mentions a Dragoon Helm that means that you have become an Apprentice Dragoon. You cannot progress any further in the story until this is said. Do not feed your baby dragon the ten Escargot that you may have found in the sewers just yet, save them for later. Travel the sewers with getting to the Northwest wall's exit in mind. Follow the black path all the way down, turn left and head up the winding black path-- Be sure to keep left and you should arrive at the exit. This leads into the:[/left]

Capital Palace - Getting a +60 STR Sword!

     * Kurikara Sword & Falun Shield
     * Everyone is hostile until thieves are beaten AND you've spoken to the head maid.

    Note the female NPC as soon as you emerge from the sewer. She is who you must talk to after you have become an Apprentice Dragoon to progress the story. She will scold you for breaking and entering if you are not ready to progress any further in the story.

    You can get the Kurikara Sword early in the game, even before you do the armor trades, but you will be running from the sewer battles more often if you do and if you have not been feeding your dragon, the event will not trigger until you do, and the thieves of the sewer do not appear until you have become an Apprentice Dragoon. Getting this sword earlier might make getting the flesh for your dragon way easier in the long run, make killing Water Cats and other things easier, which makes it less of a hassle to find money later in the game-- cutting down some of your grind and travel time. Therefore, defeating a little bit of the grind and a lot of the travel time. It is located in the Southwest most part of the Palace.

   The Falun Shield although useful if you didn't buy the Snapper Shield-- is generally useless. Keep it around for its pretty name or sell it to the Chemist for a lot of money. Either way it's free. It's time to go back into the sewers and defeat the thieves:

City Sewers - Beating the thieves and reclaiming stolen property.

      * Get to the building in the middle.
      * Fight and defeat the thieves.
      * Treasures: Reflector, Dream Mirror, Seahorse Tongue, and Rusted Shield

    The thieves will not spawn in the sewer until you talk to the female NPC at the Palace and she inquires about you being an apprentice Dragoon. Go to the sewer work your way to the center building to defeat the thieves. Loot their hideout of the Reflector, Dream Mirror, Rusted Shield, and Seahorse Tongue. Return to the palace and go talk to the old head maid and she will give you the Dragoon Helmet. Now everyone in the palace is friendly. Talk to everyone in the Palace area if you want to, but it is not needed. Equip the Dragoon Helmet, leave out of the Palace gates, and go to Capital City.

  Capital City - Journey to Miina

      *Talk to Dragon Daycare Lady...
      *Bonus: Go fight Marut Knights until you get the Marut Mantle.
      *Travel to the Death Marshes!

  Talk to the old lady that has been helping you take care of your baby dragon and she will tell you that you should go to the fishing village of Miina to get your flute.Depart for Miina, you can travel to Miina either through mountains South of Capital City (shortcut) or by using Haratama Hut No.4 (detour). If you go the mountain route you can encounter a Marut Knight to win the Marut Mantle which will grant you +40 DEF. A very, very nice upgrade to the plain 'ol Mantle, right? It might be worth your time to stick around the mountains hunting the Marut Knights.

  Be warned, Marut Knight will be the first challenging battle you'll have encountered yet and you might need two Box Lunches to survive. A tip for fighting it is to Defend, then Attack, as Marut Knight will usually get two attacks to your one-- each causing about 30 damage unless you block one of them. After you cross the mountains, head East across the swamp until you come across another river. Jump into the river and head downstream. Follow it to the Death Marshes.

 You'll soon see a row of trees, these are the marshes. You will need at least 70 HP to cross the Death Marshes without dying, as the toll to cross is -60 HP. Run straight across and Talk to the girl in the middle of the marshes to view the cut-scene. Continue across the marshes and exit out on the opposite side from which you traveled. Swim downstream in the river and head East-- You'll notice a village in the middle of a deep lake. Go around the lake and head into the village:

Miina & the Fishing Hole - To Kill An Ichthyosaur...

     *Talk to Al Sinha, accept the quest.
     *Travel to Miina Fishing Hole
     *Defeat the Ichthyosaur

   After accepting Al Sinha's quest, head Southeast and into the river south of Miina. You will find a Fishing Hole at the east end of the river which is where you will fight the Ichthyosaur. From a glance, the Fishing Hole might seem like a confusing maze, but it's quite simple to navigate. Go into the first cave, then go east, go east again, then go east. Heal up before the fight then destroy the Ichthyosaur earning you its scales.

    Back in Miina, Al Sinha will tell you he needs the whole day to forge your flute. Sleep in the Miina Inn and choose Overnight Stay. Go back to his house to get your Al Sinha Flute from his disciple. His discipletells you Al Sinha has left Miina. Go back to Capital City and talk to the old lady at the Dragon Daycare. Feed the Escargot from the sewers to your baby dragon, along with the rest of your dead bodies. Now talk to the old lady again... Suddenly!!!!


 You have become a Dragoon!

  Your dragon is food sensitive and levels when you feed him enough felled foes. How much is enough per level? I am uncertain for now. He will level with good stats or weak ones depending on what you choose to feed him. Want him to not run from every fight? Feed him brave monsters to increase his bravery. Want him smarter? Feed him cunning monsters. Want him to be a Powerhouse? Feed him the strongest foes. Want him to withstand a lot of damage? Feed him thick armored enemies. Want him to be weak? Feed him weak enemies.

   Due to the high encounter rates, this means the game encourages you to go fight in stronger areas-- as you cannot hope to raise a strong dragon on weak food. If your dragon disobeys you during battle, spend a turn to play the Al Sinha Flute during battle, then select the command you want your dragon to perform to properly train/discipline it. In no time, your dragon will become an unstoppable force. Well that is, unless you spend your days feeding it nothing but Daphnias.

   You will gain the ability to feed or not your dragon after every battle you win, providing your disobedient dragon doesn't run away before the battle ends. You can opt out of feeding the dragon after you win battles so that you can control the stat growth or you can decide not to eat a monster that drops a Relic so that you can Forge better armor later. You will definitely want to either raise your dragon's HP or DEF either way and you will probably want to grind out the more useful Relics such as Fire Scales or Ptero Feathers so that you can forge better Armor by the time you reach the end of this game. You'll need it.


     Onward with the story, your new goal is to find a place that will make your dragon stronger. This place is called Looze Springs, for now we do not know where that is. Instead, head North from Capital City across the mountains and travel East until you reach the river or take the shortcut at the Haratama Hut No.4 toilet to warp to Shop 2, also known as Haratama Hut No.2. From here, travel the river East, and then upstream. You'll find that this is a winding river that passes through a mountain range, which you will need to cross to continue swimming. You will come across a new area:
Ikushu Hot Springs and Looze - Speaking with Tāla

     *Talk to Tāla about her missing Coral Hairpin and Looze Springs.
     * Buy the Dharma Armor & Bald Helm, then Travel to Looze Springs.
     *Defeat Maya for the Coral Hairpin, go back to Ikushu Hot Springs.
       *The 'Split the Melon' Minigame is fun and optional. =3

  Ikushu Hot Springs is the first place in the game to have a NPC stationed outside of it letting you know where you are. A merchant here sells the very unique Dharma Armor which adds a whopping +255 DEF with strings attached. Buy the Bald Helm for +40 DEF. If you can afford it, another NPC sells Steel Tent.Further exploring of Ikushu Hot Springs will net you a treasure chest with a plain Jelly, which you will need later on to progress in the story so go ahead and grab it now. There is a mini-game here in Ikushu Hot Springs called Split the Melon and another vendor that sells a ? that I cannot afford. So I can't tell you what it is. It's time to continue the story.

You will encounter Tāla the Dancer who will trigger the event that tells you where Looze Springs is and asks you to return her lost Coral Hairpin if you find it.

While Looze Springs is in fact north of Capital City, we are not going to Capital City. That's a massive detour. Instead, head to Haratama Hut No.2 and warp to Haratama Hut No. 1.

 When you arrive, walk East, then head North until you come to a split path. Go west from here to find Looze Springs! They don't call it Looze for nothin', all the water to soak your dragon in is gone and there's nothing here. Al Sinha visited briefly, according to the lady. Talking to her, she mentions Shakunta Village. Going there now will do nothing for you, instead, return to Ikushu Hot Springs using the fast warp from Shop 1 to Shop 2.

   As soon as you leave Looze Springs, you might encounter an enemy named Maya. Defeat her and she will drop the Coral Hairpin, which you can return to Tāla when you find her. Back at Ikushu:

  Ikushu Hot Springs - Part II. Where the f**k is Tāla?

     * Returning back to Tāla, you'll find that she went off somewhere...
     * Speak with the Dragooness, Amṛita.
     * Return to Capital City, fight Tāla's boyfriend!

    You have returned to Ikushu Hot Springs, only to find that Tāla is missing. She went to Hoverpool Bar, which is the name of the bar in Capital City! Warp to Shop 4 then go to Capital City. Upon talking to Tāla you will fight her boyfriend and she will give you the Cooking Set when you beat him up. With no clues on where to go next, go to the only place you haven't had a quest at. Using a Haratama Hut, you can warp to Shop 1 and head West. You will find:

 Shakunta Village and the Soma Tree - Saving Amṛita's Lil' Brother...

   * In Amṛita's Dad's house, talk to both the NPCs.
    * Go Northwest of Shakunta to the Soma Tree
    * Defeat Garuda and return to Shakunta Village.

    You come across Amṛita's father, which claims his son ran off to the Soma Tree, a tree that produces the legendary Soma Fruit that is said to turn any Dragon into a coward. Regardless, you head off to save him because the area is full of monsters. Search the tree, the boy will climb down and run away then you are immediately attacked by a Garuda. Defeat this monster, then head back into town and his father will thank you. The other NPC, Amṛita's mother, will say that Amṛita went off to Achernar. Of course, we do not know where Achernar is. Having traveled every edge of the map that is currently possible looking for clues on how to get to Achernar, the answer was right under my nose all along.

  Lower Town and the Beef Bowls - TLI, Too Little Information...

   * Give Jelly to the bodyguard and speak to the informant pay 400 Rupees.
    * Take the Letter to the other guard in town.
    * Give the Letter to the bodyguard and speak to the informant.
    * Depart for Haratama Hut No. 4 and buy the Take-Out twice.

    Go to Lower Town with at least 8,400 Rupees to spend and then give the bodyguard Jelly. Remember that Jelly you found in Ikushu Hot Springs? It is needed here and now. He'll let you inside, now pay the informant 400 Rupees and he'll tell you that you need to put Shin to sleep and you can enter Achernar. However, you still need to show the Letter to the other bodyguard in town. He'll let you inside, talk to his master and he will tell you about The Valley of Tears that is somewhere in the Mirage Desert. Go to Haratama Hut No.4 and order Take-out twice to fight Brahman Lord. Do not eat the Beef Bowls that you win, it is a key item. It's time to go find Mirage Desert.

  Shin and The Valley of Tears - The difficulty increases.

+ Get your Dragon to at least Level 10, or else she/he might struggle to stay alive here.
+ (24) Pterosaur and (78) Fire Dragon are worth battling for their Relics.
   ~Eating them is a waste of your time and your resources for now.

   * Run from Shin if he attacks you.
    * Go into the Valley of Tears and work your way to the Tablet in the center.
    * Read the Tablet, then leave through the hole in the ground.
    * Useful Treasures: Fur Tent, Fire Scale, Seahorse Tongue...

    Mirage Desert is located Northwest of Haratama Hut No.4 and Southwest of Shakunta Village. That being said, the easiest route to travel is from the Haratama Hut. You will soon see the Desert tiles that look like lava-- it's safe to walk on. Travel into the Mirage Desert heading West until you see a landmark on the field map. On your way to The Valley of Tears you may be attacked by Shin, the Desert Guardian of Achernar. If you encounter Shin just run away. Go into The Valley of Tears and work your way to the center of this unique valley. It is here that you will need to Search the tablet before you leave through the hole in the floor. Exiting this dungeon, take a few steps outside to encounter Shin again. This time use the Dream Mirror on Shin. Now the flying dragon guardian will go land in the mountains west of here and fall asleep. You can now enter:

  Achernar & Loca Aloca 

   * Talk to the many NPCs from Achernar.
    * Feed Rakshasa the Beef Bowl and do not lie to him or he will kill you.
    * Go back to the informant in Lower Town with another Jelly.
   * Get Agni Sword.

    Go to Achernar and speak with all of the NPCs then leave and head far west. It is here that you will find Loca Aloca. You will need to feed Rakshasa the Beef Bowl each time you want to get past him. The first time you feed him the Beef Bowl he will not let you pass through Loca Aloca, instead he will explain that your dragon needs to bathe in the blood of Namuci to grow stronger. Return to Lower Town with a Jelly to find out where Namuci is. Go to Capital City and head into Hoverpool Bar to speak with the two dancers.

  Namuci, the World Tour, and Loca Aloca: 

   * Equip the Ganesha Armor and defeat Namuci.
    * Head back to Achernar and speak to Al Sinha.
    * Go looking for information on the Fallen Dragoons.

   With this information gained, head East from the wetland tiles that are just south of Capital City. You'll come across tall grass prairie tiles, in which, you'll need to continue East through some mountain ranges. Eventually you will come to a landmark. Keep going through these landmarks. You're now in Namuci's Lair. Loot all the treasure, equip your new Ganesha armor then fight Namuci. Win the battle, then head to Achernar.

   Talk to Al Sinha and let him take care of your dragon. Leave Achernar then go back inside, speak to the NPC to learn that your dragon was stolen by Fallen Dragoons. Head to Loca Aloca and speak with Rakshasa. He'll tell you to go ask the informant. The informant will then tell you about the Ruins east of Looze Spring. Go there.

        Speak to the pirates and you will learn that you're about to go on a world tour looking for your dragon. So pay attention to the leads and go to each location. At the end of the last lead you may need to visit the informant again. Get kicked out of the palace, and a message will pop up:

     Head to the Fishing Hole and go to Ichthyosaur's Lair. It is here that you will encounter your dragon and three other Stray Dragons. Use Al Sinha's Flute and she will come back to you in her adult form. Now visit Rakshasa with a Beef Bowl. Navigate Loca Aloca, in here you'll find the great Agni Sword amongst several other treasures.

    Work your way to the exit, which is a flight of stairs. Go up and you have reached:

  The temples of Māgānga and Māhātma: 

   * Find the hidden door.

~* This is the end of the Walkthrough for now... *~

Useful Gameplay Tips, Facts, and Speculations:

     * Do not kill cows or innocents. Water Cat bodies can be sold for 620 Rupees!
     * Always keep a full stock of Box Lunches, a Placebo to cure Poison status.
     * Every time you die your total Rupee holdings are halved until you have none left.
     * When in doubt, follow the river and don't get ahead of yourself.
     * Play the Al Sinha Flute to discipline your dragon in/after battle for bad behavior.
     * Using Cursed Beads as an item will give you 8 Seahorse Tongues.
     * Using the Steel Tent will heal you and provide a means of rest on the field map.
     * Silver Mountains are dangerous until later in the game.
     * Silver Mountains have the highest encounter rate in the game.
     * Silver Mountains may also represent Heaven.
     * In the Haratama Huts you can teleport to other Huts by searching the Toilet.
     * You can bribe Bald Dragon with Rogaine. - Tip submitted by Stardust
     * You will need at least 141,130 Rupees to buy all the useful things in the game.
     * Those digits are not including the cost of Box Lunches or Placebos during travels.
     * Every important character's name probably has a Indian meaning.
     * Tara's name could be Tāla, which is Indian for 'Rhythm'.
     * Ala Singh's name could be Al Sinha, which is Indian for 'Tiger'.
     * Amṛita's name is Indian for 'Nectar'. In Sanskrit, it means 'Immorality'.

 * It is possible that the Phurba monsters represent the Indic god Aja Ekapad for their
       Killer Kick that is swift and dangerous. They also have only one leg.
*  It is possible that the 'Pterosaur' monsters represent the Indic beast Aspatra for it's green color, razor sharp wing attacks, and the hell-like terrain it can be found in.

Haratama Hut Toilet Fast Travel: (Costs 100 Rupees)

     * Shop 1 leads West to Shakunta Village.
     * Shop 2 leads East and then North up a winding river to to Ikushu Hot Springs.
     * Shop 3 leads Southeast to Miina Fishing Village.
     * Shop 4 leads Northeast to Capital City Palace.

     * Note that the shops read from right to left, ascending:

   ~ Whereas usually Shop 1 should be the first one you visit in the game, it is the fourth choice on the Shop teleporter. The third choice is the shop closest to the second location you are supposed to go to in the game, the second shop is closer to the middle game quests, and the first is closer to the end game quest lines...

Rare Drops and Useful Drops:

     * Batman - Metal Bat
     * Phurba - Idaten Shoes
     * Preta - Pennant
     * Pishacha - Red Bull
     * Cordyceps - Cordyceps
     * Howler Shell - Ginseng
     * Marut Knight - Marut Mantle
     * Maya - Royal Jelly

     * Friday 13th - Chainsaw (+58 STR)   
     * Pterosaur - 1 Ptero Feather per kill...
     * Fire Dragon - 1 Fire Scale per kill...
     * Shiva Knight - Shiva Sword
     * Asura Knight - Asura Sword

      *Fire Scales and Ptero Feathers seem to be the materials you want to forge with to get some of the best armor in the game.

Chemist - Price Check:

    A cool trick, in your web browser press Ctrl + at the same time to upscale tiny things.
       You can right click the image and view it in a separate window to read it easier.

   The fastest way to get money at the start of the game is to rob the Nico Loans safe in Capital City. Towards the end of the game, you can fight Clappers with your dragon in the Silver Mountains as they won't be able to kill you if you've got good armor. They also come in groups of four. Bone Dragon has the most yield per body out of any monster in the game but due to its location in relation to the Chemist it's a bit inconvenient.

   -- and of course, you could just be an awful person and sell Cow Livers to the Chemist in Capital City for 4,800 Rupees. Cows will respawn when you leave Capital City, so it's abuse-able. You may not know it but a lot of the NPCs in this game are of the Vedic religious faith, which is the oldest form of Hinduism. The slaughtering of cows is considered a sin and is still frowned upon in modern day Nepal. Therefore, it's out of character for our hero to willingly kill cows to part them out for financial gain. You can do what you want though, but this breaks any kind of challenge in the game and takes the fun out of it later. Granted, we did kill the Nico Loans lender-- pretty sure murder is a sin in any faith. For an added challenge, don't rob the Nico Loans building and play the game completely sinless. It's much harder this way.

Bodiless/Relicless Monsters:

     * Dragoons
     * Jorōgumo
     * Rain Bringer
     * Meta
     * Maya
     * Mata Mata
     * Panzer Beetle
     * Marut Knight
     * Shiva Knight
     * Asura Knight
     * Friday the 13th
     * Brāhmaṇ Umibōzu

* Dark Antelope are the same body as normal Antelope.
* Stray Dragons of all colors are the same body.

Types of Terrain: (Currently working on this section of the guide.)

   Short Grass Prairies: Daphnia, Poison Daphnia, Toadstool
   Rivers: Pirarucu, Big Tadpole, Catfish, Electro Catfish
   Deserts: Mandrake, Paibilica, Antelope, Batman
   Valleys: Antelope, Paibilica, Sarpedon, Kalkala, Fungus, Stray Dragon, Lvl 5 Dragoon
   Plateaus: Dark Antelope, Kalkala, Batman, Toadstool, Slacker, Panzer Beetle
   Mountains: Pishacha, Phurba, Preta, Clapper, Marut Knight, Pangolin, Bhūta, Taotie
   Forests: Daphnia, Orangutan, Rain Breaker, Jorōgumo, Garuda, Rain Maker, Cordyceps, Dogpack, Blue Stray Dragon, Lvl 11 Dragoon,
   Lakes: Kaplia, Electro Toad, Big Tadpole, Bone Fish, Pirarucu, Live Fish, Gas Toad, King Crab
   Deep Lakes: Shachihoko, Live Fish, Behemoth.
   Mixed Grass Prairies: Streaker, Mata Mata, Snail Head, Clamingo, Pelican, Eleturtle, Sarpedon
   Short Wetlands: Bone Fish, Poison Daphnia, Catfish, Electro Catfish, Catfish Lord, Escargot, Meda, King Crab, Face Crab, Shachihoko,
   Thick Wetlands: Bone Fish, Shachihoko, Electro Toad, Escargot, Howler Shell, Hermit Hydra
Tall Grass Prairies: Amanita, Mandrake, Mata Mata, Samba Crow, Maya
   Silver Mountains: Clapper, Snapper Turtle, Bald Dragon, Asura Knight
   Silver Plateaus - Bronze Stray Dragon, Level 20 Dragoon, Friday 13th, Stray Dragon.
   Dragoon Desert: Bone Dragon, Bald Dragon, Stray Dragon, Snapper Turtle.
   Mirage Desert: Stray Dragon, Silver Stray Dragon, Dragon Master, Fire Dragon, Pterosaur, Shiva Knight, Brāhmaṇ Umibōzu.

  Most Useful Equipment, in order of which you can find it:

Protagonist's Base Stats: 40 STR, 40 DEF

     * Snapper Shield - (Shield +90 DEF)(6,980R)
     * Leather Armor - (Armor +15 DEF)
     * Kurikara Sword - (Weapon +60 STR)
     * Mantle - (Mantle + DEF)
     * Kotetsu - (Other +25 STR)(1,980R)
     * Dragoon Helm - (Helmet +15 DEF)
     * Marut Mantle - (Mantle +40 DEF)
     * Ichthyo Armor - (Armor +40 DEF)(1,200R)
     * Bald Helm - (Helm +40 DEF)(1,480R)
     * Dharma Armor - (Armor +255 DEF)(6,400R)
     * Shiva Sword - (Weapon +86 STR)
     * Asura Sword - (Weapon + STR)
     * Ganesha Armor - (Armor +80 DEF)
     * Agni Sword - (Weapon + STR)
     * Fire Scale Shield - (Shield +120 DEF)(14,500R)
     * Ptero Mantle (Mantle + DEF)(3,400R)
     * Fire Scale Armor - (Armor + DEF)(34,520R)

Relics + Forge Cost:

     * Ichthyo Scale: Shield (4)(850R) Armor (8)(1200R)
     * Eleturtle Shell: Shield (12)(1800R) Armor (22)(2190R)
     * Pangolin Scale: Shield (18)(2420R) Armor (44)(4780R)
     * Snapper Scale: Shield (12)(6,980R)
     * Fire Scale: Shield (24)(14,500R) Armor (54)(34,520R)
     * Snail Shell: Helm (36)(9,800R)
     * Shachihoko Scale: Helm (22)(800R)
     * Bald Skull: Helm (30)(1,850R)
     * Ptero Feather: Mantle (24)(3,400R)

   ~A lot of the ingredients aren't worth grinding for because you can go grind Fire Scales and Ptero Feathers and get better gear from doing that much quicker. Among the list, Snail Helm is probably worth grinding for, but I am not sure yet.

Ikushu Hot Springs - Pawn Shop Equipment & Steel Tent:

     * Busted Armor - (Armor +40 DEF)(190R)
     * Rusted Shield - (Shield +12 DEF)(650R)
     * Rusty Blade - (Weapon +48 STR)(900R)
     * Bald Helm - (Helm +40 DEF)(1,480R)
     * Mossy Shield - (Shield +90 DEF)(1,500R)
     * Dharma Armor - (Armor +255 DEF)(6,400R)
     * Idaten Shoes - (Other +10 DEF)(9,801R)
     * Bent Sword - (Weapon +52 STR)(10,000R)
     * Nicked Blade - (Weapon +40 STR)(27,000R)

     By the time you reach Ikushu Hot Springs you will have the Snapper Shield, which adds +90 DEF. It's the same bonus of Mossy Shield, so why bother buying the Mossy Shield. The Dharma Armor's +255 DEF bonus looks fantastic, but it's only good for running from battles. The Dharma Armor has mystical properties that prevent you from receiving damage while also preventing you from dealing damage. The Dharma Armor will not keep your dragon safe and you will still take Poison damage if you are Poisoned. You can sell your spare Snapper Scales to buy it, as you may find that it is useful while searching the field map.

     The Ikushu Hot Springs Chemist sells a Steel Tent for 71,250 Rupees.

Special Monsters/Rare Monsters:

    * Ichthyosaur -The first boss in the game.


    * Brāhmaṇ Umibōzu - Found in the Mirage Desert. Not much is known about it. Umibozu is easy to kill, but I wouldn't eat it if I were you.

     * Shin - Found in the Mirage Desert.

     * Brahman Lord - At Haratama Hut, simply buy the Take-Out. You will need to defeat Brahman two times to collect the key item Beef Bowl twice, do not eat the Beef Bowl, it is an expensive key item. Each Beef Bowl will cost 4,000 Rupees.

    * Pterosaur - Wing Chop deals 110 damage or more-- even with 250 DEF. Pterosaur is a dangerous foe but drops a valuable Relic that lets you forge the best Mantle in the game, the Ptero Mantle. To forge Ptero Mantle you will need to kill 24 Pterosaurs.

   * Fire Dragon -

   * Namuci -

   * Marut Knight - The weakest knight in the game, but also one of the more challenging. The first time you encounter a Marut Knight you will probably not have a high defense. Marut Knight drops Marut Mantle which will put you at a good enough defense to take only 1 damage from most of the small time monsters in the game. Marut Mantle is the best Mantle to have until you get the Ptero Mantle.

   * Shiva Knight - Shiva Knight is stronger than Marut Knight. By the time you encounter Shiva Knight you may already have the armor to withstand its attacks. Shiva Knight can be found in Mirage Desert and is a somewhat rare encounter. While Shiva doesn't drop bodies or relics, the Shiva Sword is a rare drop to gain from defeating Shiva Knight.

   * Asura Knight - A very rare drop is the Asura Sword. Even if you are equipped with the best armor, Asura Knight will usually deal out a lot of damage to your dragon. Asura Knight is the strongest of the three knights in the game. You can find it in the Silver Mountains in the Mirage Desert.



1.) Complete the Walkthrough:
2.) Finish the +DEF notes on the Forge list.
3.) Finish the Enemy Encounter list and the Item Description list.
4.) Update Brāhmaṇ Umibōzu when I figure out what the secret is.
5.) Add a comprehensive mini-guide on what monsters to feed your dragon, and what monsters not to. What those monsters do to your dragon's stats and where to find them.

    Once again, this is a work in progress. Feel free to add your own findings and I'll amend them to this guide and credit you. I'll add more pictures soon. Want this in video guide format? Just visit my Twitch Channel and watch Walkthrough - Part I.

My Twitch Channel

In-game Inconsistencies:

     * 'Tiger Killer' does not mean Kotetsu in Japanese.

     * The Rogaine dealer in Lower Town makes no sense... - (Patch 1.0)

Glitches & Bugs:

     * NPCs and Treasure Chests appear invisible when you bring up your menu.

     * All NPC animations stop when you bring up your Menu.

     * Catfish Lord does not appear as a battle target as Catfish Lord, but as Catfish. Upon defeat, a defeated Catfish Lord's sprite will look just like a defeated Catfish. However, Catfish Lord drops it's own body. This is a minor glitch in the battle system and does not affect gameplay.

     * My dragon used to obey until I defeated Namuci. With a Bravery of 83... all she does is run away and disobey. Before this battle everything worked fine. Perhaps it happened when she leveled up from eating a Umibozu, which was one of the first monsters I encountered in Mirage Desert when I was heading back to finish the quest line. I do not know if this is related.

Desired ASM Hacking Features:

    * A BGM Testing Room at the Title screen would be rad.
    * NPC sprites stay on screen when you're talking to them.
    * Treasure Chest sprites stay on screen when you bring up your menu.
    * Pressing the Select button would show item description.
    * Shop 1, 2, 3, 4 in the Toilet menu could be Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3, Hut 4.
       ~The Teleporter could be reassembled to warp you more conveniently.
    * A hard-type hack that nerfs stat gains and makes enemies & bosses stronger.

~ These are just things that would add more fun to the game. =)

Walkthrough Credits!:

Destructoid: For letting me host this.
Kahlua - Walkthrough and Testing
aishsha - Core Hacking & Translation. Without you guys, i'd be more lost.
Pennywise - Hacking, Additional Hacking, Text Editing, and Testing
Eien Ni Hen - Script Editing, Revision Script Editing, Localization, Testing
Shmu-Hadron - Graphics
FuSoYa - for LunarIPS. A tool needed to patch the game.
Twitch - For the Streaming services it provides.

  You! For reading! I hope you go play Sansara Naga. My opinion is that it's one of the best J-RPG games on NES and it has easily become one of my favorite hidden gems. Sansara Naga has great BGM & SFX and it does not have that annoying text scroll SFX found in other RPG games of its age. Sansara Naga was released four years after the first Dragon Quest game. I hope to see some high quality remixes of this game's BGM some day, maybe on OverClocked ReMix.
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