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Indie Games at Connecticut Film Fest

If you live in the northeastern US, and have an interest in the indie game scene and it's developing relevancy in the art world, you may want to check out this year's upcoming Connecticut Film Festival. In addition to the usual 6 days and...


Warranties & the RRoD on the Eve of Castle Crashers

Really Microsoft? And I was really starting to warm up to you. With your excellent online service, interface, and especially your recent XBLA offerings, my other consoles have not been getting much attention. With Castle Crashers FINALLY ...


Problems with Ninja Gaiden 2

I'm curious to see if anyone is having the same problem with Ninja Gaiden 2: In Chapter 6, whenever I jump down the shaft behind the smoking door, after getting the Bronze Key, my 360 freezes up completely. I've heard of 2 other people...


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