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About KG989one of us since 12:06 PM on 03.12.2010

This is KG989 I've been into gaming since I was 3 years old. When I was first exposed to games it was through my uncle's NES system. I used to play Duck Hunt, and Mario Bros. for hours on end. So much so that by the time I was 4 I had unconsciously memorized the levels of the Original Mario Brothers up to level 3. My family would show me off to other gamers by having me speed run the levels as far as I could. Over the years I have subsequently forgotten all the details of those levels however I'm still as much of a gamer as I always was. I'll play anything I have access to. Playstations, Xbox, NES, SNES, Atari, PC, DS, Pool, Darts, Air Hockey etc. I grew up in arcades, so gaming is in my blood. I've used Destructoid as one of my primary gaming news sits for a few years now and am just joining up now to heighten the experience. I don't often blog but when I do I'll try to make postings at least somewhat humorous and entertaining.