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This Week’s GoGamer 48 Hour Madness Sale

Xbox 360 – Halo 3 - $47.90 PC – The Settlers VI: Rise of an Empire (import) - $29.90 Accessory – Sound Sensation 100 ipod Speakers - $9.90 PS2 – Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights - $27.90 PS2 – Stuntman Ignition - $27.90 Accessory – Saitek PP26 C...


New NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams screens

Jeux-france has put up sixty new images today for the upcoming NiGHTS adaptation on the Wii. Now while I haven’t been pouring over each batch that’s been released with an overly critical eye there’s a definite improvement over some of th...


Dynasty Warriors Gundam Impressions

Dynasty Warriors Gundam is the newest game using the familiar model of Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series but instead of taking place in ancient China this iteration is coated with a veneer of giant robots, set in the fictional future Mobile ...


GoGamer 48 hour sale

The fine people over at Evil Avatar have turned me on to a PC game sale gogamer.com is having. The specific items are as follows: The Godfather - $3.90 Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 - $1.90 Hitman: Blood Money - $6.90 Fallout Collecti...


My Game Queue, Let Me Show You It

As you can see I’ve managed to amass a fair back-library of games that would probably end up taking several hundred hours to complete. Also, in addition to these twelve titles I still have seven games I’ve started but haven’t finished: Ca...


The Best Worst Video Game Comic Ever

While recently looking through my picture folders that have become bloated thanks to years on the internet I re-stumbled upon what is, in my opinion, probably the funniest video game based comic of all time, Doom. Printed back in 96’ i...


Okami Artbook is something to howl over

I’ve just recently stumbled upon the existence of this great looking art book, Okami Official Complete Works, for everyone’s favorite celestial-paintbrush-controlling-howling-at-living-constellations-deific-wolf-sim Okami. For the comple...


Nick Chester Appearing on AOTS Tomorrow!?

Yes, I do regularly watch Attack of the Show and although some of their content might be somewhat 'meh' and some people have problems with the hosts (I don't) it occasionally gives good news like this. Apparently our very own Nick "Brutal"...


Halo 3 IMAX Public Screening Tomorrow

Halo 3 fans that happen to live in Seattle Washington may rejoice as Bungie will be having a special preview at the Seattle Pacific Science Center tomorrow night at 10 pm. For the first time ever, Halo 3 will be unveiled to the public, ...


Free Jeanne D’Arc Demo UMDs Offered

Anyone that has been interested in the upcoming PSP strategy/RPG title Jeanne D’Arc can head over to the game’s official website and hit the "Get a Free UMD Demo" link to have Sony send you one. Do note that you need to be a member of Pl...


New Final Fantasy Crisis Core Scans

Several new scans of the upcoming FF7 prequel Crisis Core have surfaced on fan sites today. They display scenes of Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris and Zak in Coasta Del Sol and Tifa in a cowboy hat. Check em out below. [Via FF7AC-reunion]


BioShock Demo Impressions

With all the hype surrounding this title it’s no wonder everyone with a 360 was ecstatic last night when a demo was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace. So many people were trying to download it in fact that the servers were beginning...


Stranglehold Demo Impressions

With non-Wii next-gen games costing sixty dollars apiece many gamers have been looking at this holiday’s deluge of titles wondering which would be launch pickups and which would have to wait due to budget constraints. Originally I was on...


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