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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid

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Justin Villasenor
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Has it been 5000 already?

(This was originally sent out last night in the staff e-mailer but at Nieroís suggestion Iíve decided to put it up here as well. It just really surprised me when I started adding things up how much time I and my fellow News Contributors ha...


The Contest Log #5

Another Wednesday, another bundle of videogame contests you have a 1/100000* chance of winning! As per misticís suggestion I went ahead and added a line specifying which countr(ies)y each new contest is eligible in, unless I didnít see it...


The Contest Log #3

Another week comes to its midpoint which means another bundle of contests for everyone to enter thanks to the best (only) weekly contest compilation on Destructoid. Just make sure not to procrastinate too long because there are a lot tha...


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Hey all, the name's Justin and I've been hanging around Destructoid since late 2006. I joined the staff in 2007 as a News Contributor after flooding the tip line on a daily basis, and then I got to write stuff on the front page. Now I mostly just bum around while doing grad school stuff.

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