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The Justoid Review #1: Super Princess Peach

Yes I know, TL:DR

OK, I’ve never written a proper review before but I felt that more people need to touch this game (no pun nintended).

Super Princess Peach is a game for the DS and was released in the UK on May 26th, 2006. I bought this game for my mother but as always I played her games and fell in love with this one in particular.

When you touch each stage on the main menu, a little animation involving the area plays, which is a nice little feature and also the time of day is reflected by the time of day in the main menu*


The storyline isn’t one too appealing, Vibe Island near the Mushroom Kingdom is said to have hidden powers so Bowser goes and builds a Summer Villa hoping that he will find this power. Eventually his underlings find the Vibe Sceptre, which makes living things change feels, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you mad, it’ll make you fly.

He sends a Goomba and a group of about 300(!) Hammer Bros to her castle (which doesn’t look like the one from Mario 64) in order to capture Mario. They use the vibe sceptre to distract all the toads that were busy walking into each other (idiots*) and they then capture Mario & Luigi. Princess Peach and Toadsworth the smug git (spending time with Peach while Mario is chilling at the castle eh? Him and his shifty moustache!) come home to find a letter saying that Mario and the other guy are gone!

“Just because we’re turtles doesn’t mean rape isn’t possible! Tilt yo head up biatch! Look at me Mario!”*

I have no idea about the lightning heading towards the castle*

Wikipedia tells me “Peach wants to go out there immediately. Toadsworth tries to convince her not to.” (blatently wanting to take her for his own!). Anyway after seeing her pure determination to rescue her man (and the other guy… if she has to) he gives her Perry, a talking umbrella that has magical powers (where was this during Mario Sunshine? Gee thanks Perry, only help when Peach needs it).

If I remember correctly, the first minigame involves moving the toads out of the way with the stylus because they are frantic, confused and scared*

Oh I was right*

Why is Luigi breaking such a sweat…… *

We learn more about Perry’s mysterious past as we defeat each boss. Each stage contains 5 levels and then a Boss level with there being 8 stages in the entire game. Before every boss level another minigame is initiated so that you can reach where the boss is for example poking at Boo’s that are trying to hurt Peach but it changes for each boss except 2 which are the same just different objects.

In this pre-boss minigame you have to pull at trampolines to push Peach higher and higher up. It reminds me of that minigame from Warioware touched where you draw the trampoline to keep that ball bouncing into space*

***********SPOILER ALERT***********

Perry used to be a young boy with weird powers who was adopted by a man he called “Grandpa”. He was kidnapped by a particular wizard and changed into an upbrella, but he managed to escape by getting out of there hands, and when a gust of wind came opening up and soaring away! (OK I liked about that last bit)

Anyway he fell on the road and was picked up by a travelling merchant and this merchant sold him to Toadsworth (slavery eh?).

*********** END SPOILER***********


The game is very bright and colourful, sort of reminds you of the graphics from Super Mario World 2, but more cleaned up and “pretty” . Animation and frame rate is smooth, all of the characters are designed well with some of your favourite enemies such as Pirahna Plants (Petey Pirahna is a boss), the Boos (King Boo is a boss), Hammer Bros (the Head Hammer Bro is a boss) and Goombas (no boss) make an appearance, with even Kamek as a boss character. The character design reminds me of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Partners In Time.

You can see a crying Goomba behind the normal one in this pic*

Uh oh, Peach has been struck by Petey’s horrible whining!*

Even Stafy makes an appearance. Even better, all the typical enemies sometimes are given emotions, with crying Goombas, angry Paratroopas and more. Each emotional character has advanced capabilities with angry Paratroopas flying faster, crying Goombas running faster and angry Goombas being able to stomp their foot on the ground and cause the earth to shake causing you to be stunned for a slight second unless you’ve jumped in time of course.

“That’s how Petey likes em, nice and wet, yeah CRY SOME MOAR!”*


SPP is primarily controlled using the normal buttons on the DS. The control pad lets you walk around and squat down with the umbrella covering you. Pushing X lets you pick up enemies that you have jumped on or hit and thus stunned, or eggs (used to pop these bag things that have tons of loot in them). It also lets you put them down in front of you. Of course if you run and push it while holding an object you throw the object. Pushing B or Y will lets you attack with the umbrella stunning enemies. If you push down while holding an enemy your umbrella digests them giving you Vibe (while will be explained later). L opens up the menu when on the map screen, and R lets you go to the shop while on the map screen (which will also be explained later). In an actual level, holding L or R while walking with the control pad will let you walk slowly past sleeping enemies (reminds me of Abe’s Oddysee). The A button is used to jump typically but can be pushed and held while she is in the air to make Peach float.

You can see Peach is holding that annoying thing (that jumps up at you) from Super Mario World 2 in her hands*


The main appeal of the game is the ability to use Peach’s Emotional Mood’s (damn this should have been in our version of SMB2!). Peach comes with 4 glorious moods (just 4? Talk about shallow!). Each mood is represented by a heart on the bottom screen and to activate a mood the heart just needs to be touched (by an angel).

These are:

Joy: Peach gets excited and starts spinning around causing a crazy “cyclone” to form around her destroy any enemies that touch it, you can move whilst in the mode but when you push A in the mode you fly allowing her to reach places she could not before, but still retaining the invincibility. (Orange Heart)
Gloom: Peach gets upset after remembering that heated row with Mario she had the other day that resulted in them not talking before he was kidnapped. This causes her to cry which let’s her then grow plants to higher places (or fill up Petey Pirahna’s stomach). While in this mode she runs faster and jumps further. (Blue Heart)
Rage: Peach gets angry after thinking about why Mario was so eager to take part in Mario VS Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis just to save Pauline and she gets engulfed in flames, yes she’s that pissed! In this mode she is invincible to most enemies and she can burn bridges or light lanterns. When she lands from a jump in this mode she causes the screen to shake stunning the enemies, but she moves slower in this mode also. (Red Heart)
Calm: Peach calms down after remembering all her time spent with Luigi between the sheets causing a bubble to form around her. In this mode her health slowly restores, but if she is hit it stops and she returns to normal. (Green Heart)

Each of these powers uses up Peach’s vibe gauge, which is Perry’s energy pretty much. It can by refilled by collected blue crystals (which come in 2 sizes small and large) scattered around the level.

No vibe gauge, no moods*

You do not want to face her when she’s in her fiery mood*

Peach flying in her Joy mode*

The game comes with three minigames:

Toad Jump: Toad wants to run into loads of enemies. You have to blow in the mic to make toad jump over the enemies while he is running
Toad Tote: Somebody didn’t put out their cigarette (although some say a toad was shaking their Wiimote too fast) and now TOADTOWN IS ON FIRE! Guide the toad out of the fiery maze.
Toad Shot: Bowser’s airship crashed into Kamek (or that’s how he puts it) and now there is a giant hole with enemies flying about over you! Tap the enemies as they whizz by but don’t hit Mario or Luigi!

Note that those descriptions are my own and not the game’s.*

Each minigame has 10 levels with the first 7 being purchasable in the shop, and the other 3 having to be found in the game.

The game also comes with 8 puzzles, 4 with 12 pieces, 4 with 24, but the puzzles are inaccessible until you find the puzzle pieces in the levels and buy the pieces from the shop for each puzzle (as in when you have all the pieces for one puzzle, it becomes accessible).

The game also comes with a Music Room that shows Peach performing whichever track from the game that you have selected, eventually this evolves into a full band called the Peach Hit 5 among a crowd of Toads, Goombas & Koopa Troopas with Peach on Vocals (though there are none), Toadsworth on Bass, and a 2 Toads on Guitar and a Toad on Drums. More songs from the game can be opened up by finding the Music Boxes hidden in the levels.

Toad (the main toad, you know who I mean) runs a shop in the game which allows you to purchase various items, extra heart parts for your life gauge, extensions to the Vibe Gauge, music from the game and puzzle pieces.

As you progress through the game, you develop abilities that you did not have before, such as Subrella (which lets Peach go underwater for sections and shoot bubbles by blowing into the microphone) ,Slidebrella (which lets Peach use Perry’s hook to slide on cable for sections and Bowlbrella (which lets Peach hop in Perry and travel across the water surface).

Other abilities can be purchased from the shop, but they are not required to complete nor progress in the game such as being able to charge the umbrella and release a wave of energy that can stun enemies, being able to float in the air for a few seconds and pounding the ground to stun enemies (like a ground stomp in Mario).

Everything in the shop except for one item is bought with the coins that you collect while travelling in the levels. As you progress you can purchase an item which means that if you wait around in a level, your Vibe Gauge will charge up by itself, thus meaning that you technically have infinite health which detracts from the game a lot.
After beating the game twice including puzzles and all levels of the minigames you get infinite vibe gauge.

The music is one of my favourite things about the game. Catchy tunes can be found at the[url=http://dl1.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/dl/4770/c0d207/Super%20Princess%20Peach!/48_let's_play_a_minigame!.mp3] minigame menu[/url], and on the 6th Stage which is Giddy Sky.

In term’s of longevity, this game will pass by quite quick but, upon beating it once, every stage is given 2 extra levels, bringing that to 7 normal levels and one 1 Boss level in each of the 8 stages.

This game is piss easy, but so is New Super Mario Bros, which to me was shorter and disappointing ultimately. I found this game much more enjoyable than NSMB.

This game is truly a gem in my Nintendo Collection and I highly recommend it to anybody who loves it a good platformer, and to anybody in general. Yes it has been simplified a tad for women (which is ridiculous personally I think) but it’s still highly enjoyable.

Ugh thank God I’m done, now I can eat dinner… 5 hours late lol.

Also apologies for that black border around the Gamespot images, and for using all those Gamespot images in the first place.
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