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Thoughts "1001 video games you must play before you die" in under 1001 words.

Once every blue moon when the planets align, I tend to take a brief scan around the Amazon website to see if there is anything in there worth buying/mocking. Usually my searches are unsuccessful, however this weekend I came across something that caught my eye that I would be an embarrassment to the legion of moaners, an elite group of pessimistic that I just made up.
For those of you who are not in the know, “1001 (blank) you have to (blank) before you die” is an ongoing series from ‘Quintessence Editions Ltd.’ Where they form a list in the form of books of (blank) you have to (blank) before you die, ranging from the obvious ones ( films, paintings and book) to the obscure ones (food and golf courses?). Thus, according Amazon, on the 0ctober 12th this “1001 Video Games you have to Play before you (blank’n) Die” shall be release. Personally, Interested, Yes, Excited, not necessarily, sceptical, indeed. After the announcement, this lead to ask myself all sorts of questions but more importantly: “Was it right of me to use those commas in the previous sentence where question marks were much more appropriate?”.

Well that's one we know, a thousand more to go.

The question which I assume (because I’m arrogant as well as a moaner) that people would be asking is “Will it be a good” list. Me, being a veteran of the previous books I can safely ‘No, but in it’s defence will be a balanced list’ . This isn’t like a top 1001 list (games will be listed chronologically), this is a book will suggested titles to give a general idea of the progression of videogames through history that moulded to it the behemoth that it is today . So expect alot of the obvious landmark titles: Pong, Doom, World of Warcraft (maybe, I mean there are a lot of games out there…). These videogames aren’t particularly great (whilst not being awful) videogames but they are ones that “must” play.
My love for Mirror Edge is between that fine line of ‘hating it’ and ‘Wanting to snipe down the developers from a clock tower’, yet I will admit that it should have some place in history and the list. Also Silent Hill is a whole bunch of greatness and all, yet I can’t see them including anything beyond 1 & 2.

Mirror's Edge: Despite the fact I think it looks like a Screen Aver Project gotten out of hand, i'd be surprised if it didn't make the list.

Which nicely links us to the question: “Who are these smelly people that are letting “Mirrors Edge” on this list and not ‘Megaman: Battle Network’ ?” Beyond Tony Mott (Who is current Editor of ‘Edge’ Magazine) as general editor, I have no idea, even after a brief internet search checking. I can imagine a few people from ‘Edge’ critics being apart of the project. Which is decent, if I was true I don’t have to worry about an enslaught of a twenty Ultima games. Edge have a reputation of being harsh with Critique (eight years ago, take that media industry!). And of course there is of Peter Molyneux, prefacing the thing, which I’m not for but not really against. I think it was just a matter of finding the biggest name in computer games who can speak passionate about the medium for ten thousand words within walking distance, and if that’s the case I can appreciate choice . Jokes on them when they can’t shut him up and they die of the toxic smugness he emits.
Finally, there’s ‘the’ question that I ask myself, the ‘first’ one I asked myself the moment I seen the title and urged me type this. “At this particular moment, can you honestly admit that there are 1001 title use must play? Not good games, but games that you must play if you want to earn the title Computer game connoisseur? If you can, fair deuce to ya, but I on the other hand can’t imagine a list of 505, let alone 1001, but along with global warming this is just something I’m hoping that I proved wrong with.

Another Hint: Some of these games may of been playable on the this so call "Playstation"

But if I keep on going like this I’ll be missing the point of why I like these book like a suicidal bomber misses his potential future….I’ve friend who is currently trying to downloading all the films that appeared on the movie edition (he’s been going t it two years and is somewhere within the seventies), he knows in his mind (or at least I hope) that he’s not going to watch then all but enjoy just checking out what does make it within the book and then putting his analysis on it. Which would then lead to gentle criticism, debates and hopefully enjoyment instead of the usually eye gouging . Obviously there’s no need to take the opinion of superiors literally (wait, what). I’ve haven’t played the original instalment of Gran Truismo, but I don’t think the Gaming community is going to snub me just because I have play the later ones over the first.
All in all, while I do think it’s a book that’s coming out ten years too early, it’d still be one of those books that are over a thousand pages and you can have enjoyment with for five minutes. Plus it would be interesting to see what games will be on the list, we’ll the obvious ones that would be on it, but I can’t imagine a kick I’d get we’ll see a game that you wouldn’t expect and you almost get that proud father son moment (for me, it’ll be the case of the Oddworld games). Anyway we still have five months to bet and argue about it until it‘s get here.
It’s ready to be ordered on Amazon and Amazon.co.uk, with both a paper and hard cover edition. Here are those if you just want a look and save the five minutes clicking.

For England and Ireland

For America
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