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Bad Game's Redemption.

Even with the controversy surrounding it in the last fortnight, Mass Effect 3 is still widely regarded as a quality game with standards more pristine than the regular slop. Despite this thought, people will forever claim that it was the ending that tainted what could of been a ‘Return of King’ of conclusions and reduced it to a ‘Matrix Revolution’ - esque train wreck.
Personally I’m satisfied with how the trilogy fell together; I already went into this subject matter and frankly I’m exhausted.
To be honest I’m more fascinated about how no matter the player went through, the final moments in a computer game and alter anyone assumption and make them absent to anything prior. Once anything: Endings are important. Pretty much writing 101: When starting a story, end. Preferably the two sandwiched between some meaty middle. While could go on about the great games with bad endings. Then I thought, ‘What about the polar opposite?’
If stating that a developer’s games is ‘bad’ is like a stabbed to the heart, then telling them that it was not ‘worth it’ must be forcing them to listen to Nickleback ‘s entire Discography. And while this games aren’t (in my opinion) great, they certainly were worth it.

Persona 3-

I can’t really speak for everyone in Europe, but in Ireland if you want to keep in touch with the anime and JRPG scene, really have to work at it. Bit of a daft thing to say with the internet now but if you want to be honest about it you’ll regularly burn 500 calories in the process. I choose not to do and for that I will forever be on the verge of being out of the loop what may be the coolest/lamest thing possible (I have no idea).
Persona 3 is pretty bad. Actually, I take that back, it’s a topic which I am one the fence about. It may be long, repetitive, exhausting, confusing at certain points, cringe worthy at many points, clichéd, unforgiving, tedious and downright boring, all the negative words in the Anglo Saxon dictionary might as well be in Vietnamese because Persona 3 is an unbelievably addictive game. 80 hours has been fed into the PS2 and in the final 3 hours of it all I was muttering to myself is that “It better be worth it” over and over again.
Persona 3’s finale consists of you and your squad mates facing the apocalypse if it were thought up by a much more family friendly version of Tim Burton. This particular battle where the fate of the world is at stake is exactly how a battle where the fate of world should be; long, challenging, nerve wrecking. Really putting all what you have learned to the test (granted most of the stuff you have learned is ‘how now not to rage quit after your fiftieth cheap death’).
After the final boss where the game should end, the game doesn’t end. Because there are a few more days until the school year is complete. It is then you can reconnect with class mates, love interests and town drunks. Revealing to us that it was never about saving the world to begin with, but rather your world. (Isn’t that just lovely?)

Then Again – Persona 3 is a culprit of giving at one point all the characters amnesia. An action that should be punished with highest form of finger wagging.

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows-

While indulging (and loving) in most of its’ heavy hitters, I am not confident enough to say that I am a huge fan of the Castlevania series. However I do share the same traits of most diehard Castlevania fans by not really liking Lords of Shadow at all. Is it really a Castlevania game? I mean, it this was release eight years ago under the Universal license, it could pass for a Van Helsing video game tie in. It’s a bit strange how the development team will focus on minor details that reference the series like level design and then ignore much grander ones like, Dracula. Y’know? The whole reason why there’s Castlevania to begin with!
While we could go all aggressive nostalgic with LoS, it‘s important to note that all of it was a reimagining of the series as a whole. This couldn’t be more prominent than in the ending.
Apparently, vampires weren’t enough for the Belmont family. Gabriel (the protagonist) does and Dante and takes on the devil, where in this depiction he looks like a someone who just gotten out of a bubble that was made entirely out of charcoal. After all that he gives penance which was all in vain the credits then roll to is followed by the game doing (pseudo) M. Night Shyamala. Not a twist, but is an odd way to the end the game. And you have to respect that, you are going to mess with some this delicate, make sure people are going to remember it.

Then Again – I haven’t talk to anyone about the ending but it’s one of those ending where you could go beyond and make a sequel but if you did you would be really taking the piss. LoS being true Castlevania game is debatable, but if a follow up title convince it’d be to keep to what’s true to Castlevania’s nature. Old pork chop and 45 degree angle jumps.

Tekken Series –

Fighting games. Do they even have an ending? Isn’t that their charm? Well of course that’s one of the many perks of them, that their longevity is only matched that the player’s interest. While not being particularly good at them myself, I always find comfort with twenty minutes of Street Fighter, Soul Calibur or Tekken every now and again.
Now I love the early Tekken games mind you, but the series seems to be the Pearl Jam equivalent of fighting games, refusing to change with the progression. And it seems to be showing its’ age ever since four. That said while the latest Tekken hasn’t been awe inspiring in gameplay-wise, their concluding cutscenes are brilliantly pointless as ever. Ranging from either ‘abnormally cheesy’ to ‘downright goofy’, Tekken really knows how to the ease the tension to what could be a stressful. Fighting games should never be taking seriously, which is a peculiar thing for me to say as it is one of the most competitive ways of fighting people. Ranking just above ‘betting on people fighting’ and below ‘actually fighting yourself’. But as long as games like Tekken are being made with made the same amount of heart and daftness, I need not worry.

Then Again – No matter how hard Namco Bandi tries, they will never top King’s Ending in Tekken 2. Everything else looks like a cheap imitation in comparison.

I’m only scraping the surface (at least I think I am) but these as the few games that stick out for me and I’m sure there are more like that out there. For every game that you may think is bad, don’t fret. There may be a silver lining and it is not concealed in the form of an off button.
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