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I Do Not Like Nathan Drake.

I always wished that I�ve written more, yet the same obstacles always spring up at me whenever I do make an attempt; college work, lack of ideas and poor grammar being the main culprits. Fortunately summer is upon us, at least I think it i...


Lost Without Translation.

This entry is in relation with the North American release of Xenoblade Chronicles and I use the term �North American� because I myself have already played it back in November and it is indeed worth all of Operation Rainfall�s effort. It�s ...


Bad Game's Redemption.

Even with the controversy surrounding it in the last fortnight, Mass Effect 3 is still widely regarded as a quality game with standards more pristine than the regular slop. Despite this thought, people will forever claim that it was the end...


The 'Mother' of all Father's Day Post.

Father�s day should be approaching upon us, and whenever I�m on a site like this it always make me think of the fathers and the symbolism that depicts fatherhood within videogames. Silent Hill, Heavy rain, Bioshock, Psychonauts, Pong...


The fine line between Video Games and Storytelling.

It�s been three weeks since Quantum Dream�s �Heavy Rain� have emerged from the bland swamp that is the videogame industry, introducing to us in what I like summarise as a combination of �Zodiac�, �Se7en�, Simon says and a flow chart. The ga...


It's Just Karol's Top 10 Games of the Decade.

On account that it�s the end of the decade that we referred to as the �Noughties�, it seems that magazines and websites alike have been doing a lot of top ten lists in the form of Albums, films and videogames. And, well frankly I never s...


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