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The Future: With (Blank) Elements


While I don't think we'll see any completely new genres created in the near future, I do think that there is a bright future for titles that push expectations and reinvent stale mechanics and tropes. This is obviously easier said than done, but I think it's preferable to continue striving for that than to rely on mimicry or stale formulas. Bottom line, I think the days of vanilla shooters, fighters, racers, and RPGs are coming to an end. There will obviously some hold-outs, especially (I predict) among the Fighting and Sports genres, but even Square Enix has recently gone on record as saying that they might be exploring different gameplay styles and abandoning the traditional JRPG (though I doubt it). While not inherently bad, I think that abandoning a straight genre in favor of a hybrid-style title for the sake of this new trend is risky. I will continue to applaud and seek out those titles that attempt to reinvent and innovate rather than combine well worn mechanics to pass for innovation. Hopefully some of you will join me in the days to come.
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