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Schreier just reported at Bloomberg that after Anthem's failure and Jedi Fallen Order's success, EA is "letting" Bioware axe the multiplayer stuff from the new Dragon Age. I want to crack open a bottle of champagne.


Not sure if this'll get a front page post, but it seems cool. https://www.polygon.com/2020/8/11/21363734/video-game-lock-pick-museum-itchio Johnnemann Nordhagen apparently made a free, interactive lockpicking museum with mechanics from iconic games.


I'm sure it's been said already, but I'm really going to miss commenting with everyone here during the E3 conferences this year. I actively read the site and comment occasionally, but E3 is the one time of year I always look forward to here.


Seriously though. Real talk. Anybody else getting logged out every other day?


Anybody else getting logged out several times throughout the day? Happening on my PC and phone.


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