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Who`s your favorite X-man? It`s difficult to pick just one but I`m going to say Colossus. I`ve always been a fan of characters with defensive powers. He can take a punch from just about anyone. I also think he just looks cool. The guy`s made of metal.


Ha ha ha. It`s funny how you can watch this video and know exactly what era it`s from. Anything from `98 to 2002 is pretty easy to recognize.


Game idea: Capcom develops a remake of the first Dead Rising. Same game but with better a.i., can move while aiming, Otis can`t interrupt you, and maybe a few extra rooms and survivors added. Much like how they handled the Resident Evil 1 remake.


Wrestling was always my favorite sport. Check this out. (And try to ignore the music.)


Anyone got a picture of a Working Joe from Alien: Isolation with a caption that says "You`re becoming hysterical"? I can`t seem to find one and I need this in my arsenal. (Is a picture with a caption what people refer to as a meme?)


Playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on PC. Anyone know how to change the screen resolution? I don`t see it in the graphics options. I also don`t see an option for fullscreen. Alt-Enter doesn`t seem to change anything.


Happy birthday Lokhe. I barely know you but I hope your day goes well.


I found an interesting video documenting how people communicate on the Steam forums. Could be very informative if you`ve never used them and are curious as to what the Steam forums are like.


Ok! ok! Here we go. The most 90`s song you`ve ever heard. This song IS the 90`s. Literally. Make sure to play it loud.


Yo! It`s 90`s night at Destructoid! Let`s get grungey!


Anyone been to the Doom Eternal Steam forum recently? Things are getting pretty heated over there. Seems like a lot of people are trying to get a refund. Myself included.


Just checked out that Scorn preview. I`ve been waiting my entire life for someone to make a game based on H.R. Gigers art work. That day is almost here. This has become my most anticipated game in decades. Only Cyberpunk and Witcher 3 comes close.


I can`t decide if I want to watch every season of Farscape back to back or if I should watch every single "Alien" movie in the franchise. I`m leaning towards Farscape. I`ll have to dust off my DVD player.


I keep somehow messing up my link to youtube videos. When I post a link in the comments and refresh the page it makes the link no longer work. So, I`m just going to practice and try and figure it out.


Just found out Keith Flint, better known as the vocalist for "The Prodigy" passed away. Looks like he died on March 4th 2019. Wikipedia says it was a suicide. The man was a legend. Don`t know what else to say other than he will be missed.


YES! Alien Isolation is on Xbox game pass. I`ve already played it on PS4 but wanted to get the PC version just to see how it looks. Problem is it never goes on sale and I refuse to pay another $60. So good news.


I have no clue what bands are popular these days. Here`s something that I listen to. Let`s see if this works.


I`m trying to figure out how to post links on Destructoid. Hopefully I`ll have it figured out by the next #Arbitrary Metal Tuesday. If you have have advice or an instruction manual feel free to share it.


I hate sounding like an old man but.....what does "360 no scope" actually mean? I always hear people make jokes about it. I assume it`s a verb. Something a person does.


I ate at Taco Johns yesterday. Found a hair in my potatoe oles. Got me thinking. If I ate that hair would that count as cannibalism?


I`m new here. Is my profile picture showing up? I don`t think it is.


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