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Of all the achievements mankind has accomplished, none compare to what I have achieved today.


I found another great youtube channel. I don`t watch baseball but I can`t get enough of this.


Can anyone recommend me a good printer? Every business keeps pressuring me into going paperless so I think I`ll put that Covid check to good use. I just need it for printing out electric bills, phone bills, bank statements, etc. Stuff like that.


Anyone on Dtoid played Nioh 2 and made it past floor 20 of the Depths? I managed to make it to 21. Feels like I`ve run into a brick wall. I hate to do it but it looks like I`ll have to use one of the Izanagi meta builds. Barf.


I found a new youtube channel I like.


Here’s a picture of a 36 year old man.


Here`s what I`ve been doing for the past two weeks. Nioh 2 consumes all of my free time. Just made it to DotN and finished farming the full set of Obsidian armor+. That should get me through it.


Mirandas butt made me want to put on my scuba gear and go snorkeling. No fun allowed I guess. RIP Mirandas booty. The world wasn`t ready for you.


Why didn`t anyone tell me Front Line Assembly just released a new album? They`re one of my favorite bands. I don`t know what song to post so I`m just going to link a random one.


I need to stop watching this youtube channel. It`s making me afraid of everything. Guy in this video eats some nachos he got at a gas station. Guy gets sick and almost dies. Could happen to anyone.


This could be an unpopular opinion. Or it may in fact be a popular opinion. I have no idea. But here it is: Heineken beer tastes like fermented goat piss.


Here`s a video of some fat raccoons eating hot dogs.


I`ve been reading a lot of negative reviews about Wonder Woman 1984 but I had no idea it was this bad. What were the writers thinking?


Woo hoo! First time getting the featured comment! Feels like I`ve joined an exclusive club for the elite. I wonder who has the world record for most featured comments. My guess is Isay Isay.


The controversy never stops.


Here`s some more Kotaro and Hana.


I give you Kotaro and Hana. Breathe in that positive energy.


If I could add one thing to Cyberpunk it would be the ability to play as Spider Man. I always find myself looking up and staring at the buildings when I`m walking around. Imagine if you could actually climb those buildings like Assassins Creed.


A lot of weird spam showing up in the comments. Spam bot #1: Posts a random link. Spam bot #2: Nice. Bot #3: I advice. Bot #4: Thanks. Me: WTF?


Got the Gamecube version of Phantasy Star Online up and running on Dolphin. I may never need to buy another game for as long as I live. Turns out this game is just as good as I remember. Think I`ll play it for a few thousand hours.


Just got my Dreamcast emulator up and running. (Well, sort of.) Never got around to playing Blue Stinger on Dreamcast so that`s what I`m playing first. Only about 15 minutes in. That voice acting is so bad I love it. Could be my game of the year.


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