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If you're going to drink Malibu, just shoot it. Don't waste your time mixing it. Might as well be drinking Kool-aid.


White gurls tho. WHOZ WIT ME!?


If I were a midget, my lifelong goal would be to 69 with a partner who's 7ft tall


Why do cats have such awful looking buttholes?


So let me ask you this. If your penis was made of gold, would you sell it?


Curse my indulgent life style.


If you were a turtle... would you strive to make beautiful turtle love to your boo?


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your waifu. But you can't pick your friends waifu.


Pre ordered a couple Switch Lite's for the Mrs. and myself. Anyone else thinking about getting one? How about the revised model coming mid August?


I love chicken strips.


So Malika and I lost Simba this evening...and we are hurting a lot Dtoid. It's been a long time since I've felt pain like this...please keep us in your thoughts.


It's hotter than satan's...horns, outside.


Chocolate covered buttcheeks.


HA HA...dangly parts.


Who's ready for a FREE handjob??


With all the shout-out's in the community blogs, I sure hope this Bob fellow is having a good day.


I, have a penis!


I had forgotten how much sheer bliss there is in beating pedestrians with dildo bats....in Saints Row.


Days Gone is okay. It isn’t great, but it isn’t shit either.


Having sex while drunk is ludicrously difficult.


Cuphead is freaking wonderful.


Seriously. Sekiro makes my balls hurt.


Got mad mud butt from Red Robin today.


Got a hold of Marseille, and they are letting me do a tech review on the mCable! Really looking forward to trying that out with the GameCube.


I have a butt.


Remember when the internet wasn’t full of overly sensitive babies? I miss those days.


Time for gas station pizza.


Happy Holidays old friends! Always thinking of ya <3


Hey fam, I've started my own blogspot page as an outlet where I can write about games, as well as other things that cross ma' mind. I'm certainly not a fan of shilling, but if you'd like to check it out, you can see my stuff at juic3blogs.blogspot.com. <3


Hey guys. Go watch Avengers.


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Anime reviews guideline - I rate my anime series with stars. Star ratings correspond as follows:

★★★★★ - a true masterpiece! An enticing story, amazing visuals, and characters that will stick with you forever. There are few out there that achieve this level of excellence.

★★★★ - a fine show. Some little quirks or pacing issues, but nothing to ruin the overall presentation. The show is bound to have many fans, and should be relevant for years to come.

★★★ - good, but not amazing. Noticeable flaws that will keep the show from truly being embraced by the masses. Likely to have a favorable following, with many good elements to be observed.

★★ - a weaker offering. Features some enjoyable moments, but overall feels very flat and bland. Lacking of originality, a strong hook, and features characters that are forgettable.

★ - anime was a mistake. No coherent point of interest or pacing to be found. Lacking in style, taste, and talent. Don't go near it, for your own safety...