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7am and my wife and I are texting each other about football. What a world.


Sunday Evening Cringe the 6th: the launch of Xbox One.


I’ve never really played Sunshine before, and you know what? It’s pretty freaking fun.


So that there Super Mario 3D All-Stars is pretty fun don’tcha know.


Hey guys, this goes up in 45 minutes. If interested, have at it!


Let’s point out that the PlayStation Plus Collection was a very wise move on behalf of Sony. Other than Demon’s Souls, that launch was on life support.


Got a PS5 preordered. They are up at Walmart.


PS5 price is legit. Demons Souls at launch is pretty cool, but it looked a little off. Anyway, preorders go live tomorrow at select retailers.


Getting seasonal allergies and trying not to think it’s covid.


Renaud went to Kroger and came back with a...Ogre? Uh, BIRTHDAY!


Happy Birthday to the legendary Fuzzy Unga. For he, is a jolly good fellow.


Found out our administration secretly forced a pay cut on me this year, because of Covid of course. Seriously ready to say fuck all to being a teacher.


Sunday Evening Cringe da 5th! Imagine giving your significant other a hearty rim job. You get so into it, that everything becomes a blur. Suddenly, something hard pokes your tongue. You stop to investigate, only to find a human finger.


$60 later, we got our daughter all of her Bluey goodies for her birthday. She’s gonna love it. Also, we found a dead looking Wendy’s that happened to have the best damn fast food that I’ve had in a long time.


I just want to get my daughter a cute Bluey plush for her birthday. Why ya gotta bust my balls, Walmart?




Look, a box!


There ya go. September 22nd for preorders.


Reports are coming in that Nintendo is asking third party publishers to have their future games be 4K ready. So, if they really do kick out a more powerful console, are you interested? Or will you stick to the base Switch/Switch Lite?


November is going to be an expensive month.


$299 for that there Series S isn’t too shabby...


So our district received news that we will be receiving funding to provide FREE lunch and breakfast for ALL students through December. So what do the parents do? Go onto social media and demand warm food be prepared for THEIR child. Fuck right off.


It’s ya boi, and it’s time for Sunday Evening Cringe the 4th. So like...let’s say you have to put something up your butt. It can be whatever you like, but you HAVE to put something up there...what would you use?


Help me make up my mind y’all. Digital or Physical Mario 3D All-Stars?


I don’t want to play video games. Wtf is wrong with me?


What I would give to cut a hot, wet fart right into Donald Trump’s face.


Hlarge once saved a baby seal using nothing but his buttcheeks and a toblerone. Happy Birthday!


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