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Passing the Buck


Ever heard of the expression? The older I get in life, the more responsibility I take on, and the more I progress not only in my own personal life, but my professional life as well. I've come to witness the passing of the buck, many times in my life, and only lately has it really stood out at me. Not only is it something that affects me on a significant level, but it affects us all as gamers as well.

For clarification, passing the buck insinuates that you are pushing responsibility in one way-shape or form onto another person or group entirely. While I have had a very successful school year with my students and band program, I've grown very fatigued and frustrated observing such nuances amongst my administration (thank God for anonymity, Destructoid!)

Quite frankly, the whole concept of 'passing the buck' is complete and utter bullshit, in my personal opinion. It's cowardice, and it's unprofessional. You see, I have always instilled the mentality that if I fuck up, then I must take it upon myself to own it, learn from it, and accept the consequences. My father ingrained this mentality into me at a young age, and I am ever so grateful for that.

Unfortunately, many others to not follow such a mentality. In the year 2017, I believe that 'passing the buck' has become a norm amongst leadership, even right here at Dtoid I've witnessed it happen. True, that many of us get bogged down with immense responsibilities and can't always handle the pressure and work load of what we commit ourselves to do...but why is it that we simply accept this habit as a norm?

Let's take a step back here, no need for things to get personal, after all. Let's look at a more contemporary gaming scenario and see how this pans out. Example - Nintendo! I love the Nintendo Switch, I think it's a great little device and I'm happy to see that it is having success. That being said, the Big N has been having many issues regarding hardware, i.e. joy cons, screen scratching, dead pixels, etc. What's our solution here?

Well, first customer support hears from the consumer - their answer is "we are aware, and we are looking into it". Next, the buck is passed onto a strong figure head of the company, The Regginator! What's his answer? 'Our teams haven't had these issues while touring, we are looking for facts'. Reggie has passed the buck onto his media related, testing teams now. What will their answer be? Who knows, but stay tuned!

Now none of this is directly problematic in itself - after all, these things happen, and looking for facts and getting down to the bottom of the problem is actually a pretty clever idea. What is a problem, in my opinion, is the fact that rather than owning up for these shortcomings and offering genuine apologies to the fanbase, we are simply witnessing a case of passing the buck along in order to avoid the problem. Believe me, PLEASE believe me, that Nintendo isn't the only person, group, or company out there that makes a living off of this.

It's just so very frustrating. Moreso, it makes it hard to give people genuine credit and respect, when you don't know who to really give that credit and respect to. Who really deserves it? 9-10 times, it's the guy at the very bottom of the food chain that goes unnoticed day in and day out. Yet the higher ups will gladly cash in on the fame and glory while said little guy gets a mild pat on the back and is told 'good job'.

I would highly encourage you to think twice before you too decide to 'pass the buck'. Stop trying to avoid your problems and pushing them off onto others. It is better to confront them directly, and reap the benefits/consequences of your actions, than to pass that potential burden onto someone else. As someone who has felt the backlash of these situations numerous times in my professional life, I'm getting very tired and exhausted by it, and frankly, you should be, too.

We need more Harry Truman, minus the atomic bombs.

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