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Gaming Etiquette

With all the free time Iíve had the past few months (For various reasons, mainly being unemployed for a good chunk of it) Iíve had quite a bit of time to finally get around to playing online as well as watching some of my friends stream on Twitch. While I'm sure the subject has been brought up before, and by no means do I consider myself an expert in the field, a recent incident in Gears of War 3 (yes, I'm way behind the times, I'm also horribly broke though!) brought this to mind and I figured I'd write a blog about it, because honestly what else do I have to do?

Anyhow, this is my top 10 list of rules to abide by:

1. Thou shall not troll unless the other person is being a total douche to you first.

2. Trolling someone because they suck isnít cool, unless you are good friends; than harass them all you want.

3. Thou will not backseat game unless said person playing asks for help/advice, or you are playing a MMO and your healer is pulling agro like itís going out of style.

4. If you need to be AFK and can do so, let people in your game know, especially in co-op games, Iíll never forgive my friend who bailed on me during a heated battle with RAAM in Gears of War to talk to his girlfriend about lunch without telling me he was going to be away.

5. Lag happens, we all get that, but donít use it as an excuse all the time, unless you are like me and have economy service internet, then you can blame it all on the lag because you are too cheap/poor to afford faster speed internet.

6. When watching someone cast, donít get pissed off if they donít acknowledge everything you say, especially when there are a lot of people in said room. Paying attention to chat and gaming is a very challenging task. (I honestly donít know how some of you guys do it as Iíve mentioned numerous times before, probably more than I care to recall.)

7. Donít get pissed if someone you enjoy watching casts a game you donít like, just watch someone else, or do something else, read a book. Do people still do that?

8. Donít hate on female gamers/ harass them. They are people too, and just because they were born with different parts makes them no different than us, unless they are being complete tools, then feel free to treat them as you would any other troll.

9. Remember that name calling while it seems fun, can sometimes offend people, and unless they are being an utter prick to you or rage quit, itís not cool, the other acceptable exception is if your friends and they spill beer all over your PS3 controller, then that a-hole deserves it. (This really happened to me and my poor controller. That particular friend hasnít been invited over since.)

10. Donít take gaming so seriously, unless you are getting paid for it, itís meant to be fun, not all of us can train 24/7 in our Momís basement living off of nothing but Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Itís okay to get upset when you get screwed by a bad call in Madden or by a teammate being a tool and giving away your sniping position in Halo, but donít let it ruin your day. Take it easy and remember theyíll always be a next time.

Feel free to add in anything you think I missed or anything you disagree with, I enjoy reading the comments!
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