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My Confession: I Love a Bad Game


Small rewards are even given to real life to keep people interested

To clarify, all of the above can be (and has been) done in genuinely fun and engaging ways. By analyzing exactly why we enjoy certain games, we can come to a deeper understanding of what can make a system �shallow� or truly great. Final Fantasy XIII's foundation was built for the frequent distribution of shallow rewards, and I don�t think it�s wrong to enjoy that. Sometimes I don�t want to shed tears playing a To the Moon or spend hours customizing my team in a Devil Survivor. I may remember those games more fondly and recommend them wholeheartedly, but I�m happy to have a Final Fantasy XIII when I just want to unwind and watch pretty colors when I level up.�

I still consider Final Fantasy XIII a �bad� game, as it�s not really a �good� game and mediocre doesn�t describe my feelings toward it either. However, I think it�s okay to like a bad game. It�s not exactly worthy of the Final Fantasy name, so for those who expected the game to be better, I absolutely do not blame you. To me, Final Fantasy XIII is like a well made chocolate bar. It�s made with pure ingredients and tastes good, but it�s still candy. It lacks the nutrition of a vegetable or the exquisite flavor of a gourmet dish, but damn it, sometimes I just want some chocolate. �If it was all I ever had, I�d probably get sick, but every once in a while it�s good to have a little snack between meals.
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