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Level 3 Blues

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Game Paralysis

Hello, Destructoid. Long time, no write. There is an issue that has been frustrating me for a while: There are so many games these days. Ten years ago, I would have wanted to punch myself for saying that I had too many games, but things ar...


Aaamaazing: Playing with Blocks

It was this Penny Arcade comic that convinced me to buy the semi-obscure Minecraft from a website that still, absurdly, does not have a common method of purchase (except Paypal, which I despise) and that, being based in Sweden, was sure to ...


Dingoo A320: Retro Gaming Handheld

(Note: In this post, I will discuss the Dingoo A320's stock hardware and emulators. In an upcoming post, I will discuss the optional custom firmware, Dingux, that really makes the Dingoo shine.) I'll just go ahead and disclaim this post: I...


Cheap Thrills: Chime

(Note: In this series, Cheap Thrills, I review a game available for less than ten dollars, usually on Steam.) Chime, developed by Zoë Mode and the first game published by OneBigGame, is a block puzzle game, in the same vein as Tetris, bu...


Groundhog Day: Pokémon Blue Version

I'm an adult. I'm an adult. I'm an adult. Such is what I feel compelled to repeat to myself, year after year, when the latest diversion takes on tones of boredom and recent fascinations begin to fade. In such times, I have been known to tu...


Cheap Thrills: Zen Bound 2

(Note: In this series, Cheap Thrills, I review a game available for less than ten dollars, usually on Steam.) Most games we gamers play revolve around action of some sort. Even most puzzle games have a time requirement of some sort, requir...


Magicka Knows Its Audience (Geeks)

I'm a sucker for easy deals on Steam, so at the end of January, when Paradox Interactive's Magicka was offered for the normal price of $10 but with DLC exclusive to those that bought the game before February 1st, I jumped to buy. Magicka...


The Death and Rebirth of Retro Style

I make it no secret that I have a deep, some may say unhealthy, love of retro games. Like most people that would ever wander the annals of Destructoid, I associate a lot of good memories with the retro games in question, especially NES cla...


Cheap Thrills: Arcadia

(Note: in this series, Cheap Thrills, I review a game available for less than ten dollars, usually on Steam.) Arcadia, available on Steam here for the enticing price of $4.99, is described by creator Joshyy as "a fun, casual little shoot...


About JotGardenone of us since 4:42 PM on 12.02.2010

I'm a college student, writer, and consumer of all the awesome the world has to offer. I just like cool stuff, you know?

I like all games, but I'll admit that sports games aren't my favorite. My interest in the RPG genre fluctuates wildly over many months, like a pendulum, or perhaps more like the emotional state of an elderly drunken man that really just wants to be loved. Other genres basically maintain a constant level of fascination.

I will also admit to having a penchant for retro games. This isn't in some half-baked desire to be a regressionist hipster, or so that I may condescend upon modern games. No, I simply have fond memories of the art styles associated with 8 and 16-bit games, the cheerful chip music therein, and the generally simple gameplay. I suppose we all have those memories, and that's why we all get along.

Current Consoles: PC, NES, Genesis, N64, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox 360, 3DS, Game Boy Advance, N-Gage, Dingoo A320