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Modding Dragon Age... Maybe?

Recently I spotted Felicia Day in line at my favorite local coffee shop, which inspired me to actually pick up and play my copy of Dragon Age 2 (specifically its Mark of the Assassin DLC, of course). This in turn inspired me to revisit the original Dragon Age, and as I've wanted to try modding a game for a while now I decided to check out the DA Toolkit.

I expected that there would be some initial frustration and a learning curve. I did not expect this to occur during the actual installation of the toolset.

I have now installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, modified and updated Microsoft SQL (2005 and 2008, tried both with similar results) more times than I care to count in one afternoon. Finally I get the darn database up and running, and what do I learn?

Dragon Age: Origins encountered a fatal error. Yep, I need to reinstall the whole game. Nope, I did not keep a copy of the installation file from Origin. I should be able to begin reinstalling in approximately.... two hours? Oh good.

Have any of you made DAO modules? Did you also have a frustrating time attempting to get started?

It's been quite a few years since I modified games beyond the Sims Create-a-World tool. I forgot how much mental exercise it can take to get set up, especially if, like me, you've installed your games in files other than the default configuration. On the plus side, I can still troubleshoot all this stuff without aid. My brain is just in need of a better workout routine...
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